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Constellation Plaza Shopping Mall
North America ★ E|M|G|R|L ★ Shops & Services

Welcome to Constellation Plaza Shopping Mall! Located just off of Chicago's famous Magnificent Mile, this indoor mall plays host to over a hundred shops, services, and fast food establishments all serving up a wide variety of products and vastly different shopping experiences. Customers are invited to stroll through the many levels of the mall to pick up the latest fashions, grab a book or a coffee, see a movie at the cinema, or spend the whole afternoon there if they would like for a truly American wizarding experience.


While most shops on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, Illinois are located above ground, Constellation Plaza is an entirely underground shopping mall made up of five stories total that go deeper and deeper into the earth. A very American answer to the wizarding-specific shopping districts of the United Kingdom and Europe, the mall includes just about every shop a witch or wizard could possibly want to stop in, from the useful to the entertaining to just getting a bite to eat.

Those wishing to access the mall can do so thanks to a secret stop on the Red Line, through a dingy looking parking garage on Michigan Avenue, or via a special entrance in the student commons of the Chicago Academy of Wizardry that is activated only between three and seven in the evening.

The various floors of the Constellation Plaza mall are numbered in reverse of a usual building; the first floor is the one most immediately underground and the fifth floor is the deepest. The first, second, and fourth floors are primarily dedicated to shopping, with many shops dedicated to clothing, accessories, books, housewares, and just about anything else you can think of. Most of the stores are unique to the wizarding community, but some branches of popular ordinary chains can also be found such as Williams-Sonoma, Hallmark, Waldenbooks, KB Toys, and Babbages.

The third floor is dedicated to an expansive food court, though some shops are scattered between the various restaurants. Like the shopping floors a number of ordinary chains can be found here as well along with popular restaurants and fast food establishments from around the world.
At the lowest level, the fifth floor is dedicated to entertainment, with a movie theater that shows both ordinary and magical films and an indoor amusement area featuring games and some rides. There is also a small stage where beauty pageants, promotional events, and concerts are held from time to time.

Travel between floors is conducted via elevator or escalator, and several charms are in place to prevent most spells from being cast in the common areas of the mall. As well, small kiosks and carts can be found around the mall selling all variety of goods, trinkets, and seasonal items, and several fortune tellers and diviners are often on display as well.

Work For Us!

Job Ideas: Shop Owner, Mall Security, Sales Clerk, Janitor

Constellation Plaza Shopping Mall is an original business created by the Vault713 staff. Anyone is welcome to play characters working and attending this location, and are welcome to help expand this business' features. To suggest ideas or ask questions about this business, please PM one of the Admins.