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Welcome to Bucket Bros. Traveling Circus! Whether the Bucket Bros. inspired muggle circuses or was inspired by muggle circuses has been lost to history, but children and adults all throughout the world look forward to visits from the carnival, which pops up in various locations with very little warning and remains open for an indeterminate length of time ranging anywhere from one night to several weeks. Due to their travelling nature, many of the stalls feature sights and sounds from many different countries, making for both an entertaining and educational experience.


Though the Bucket Brothers call Austria home and have an off-season staging area there, if you ask any member of the traveling carnival where they can be found they are likely to tell you "Wherever the wind takes us!" This magical festival of frivolities has been seen all over the world on all seven continents, with tents and exhibitions popping up seemingly overnight to fill an area with magic and wonder for a short period of time before moving on to the next destination.

Though the carnival does do some advertising, they rely largely on word of mouth to establish their tour schedules, which can change at a moment's notice. Some visits last several weeks while others seem to be only for a day, but it is usually not long before the carnival pops up somewhere else again.

Though many of the carnival's acts mimic that of a muggle circus, the magical nature of the Bucket Bros operation allows for a wide variety of attractions spanning all sorts of interests, from games to creatures to unusual persons and more. Sometimes attractions change from stop to stop, but there are several staples that always make an appearance.

In the main tent one can find a variety of shows featuring elephants, dragons, and other large and unusual beasts along with acrobats and other aerial performers. This is where the majority of the featured events are held, with smaller shows in the afternoon and the main show in the evening. During particularly busy times or in regions where the carnival is especially popular, there is often a midnight show geared more toward adult audiences. Though younger attendees are welcome, this late night production is often deemed too frightening for children.

Not far from the main tent sits the midway, where witches and wizards of all ages can jump on any number of incredible rides or play one of the many games available. You can win prizes at many of the game booths (if you're lucky) or tickets that can be exchanged right away or even held on to for the carnival's next visit.

In addition to the two largest parts of the carnival a number of food stalls offer drinks and delicacies from around the globe, while the sideshows allow you to take in strange and often grotesque sights or have your fortune told. Like everything else at the carnival, however, these things cost money—so make sure your coin pouch is well stocked!

Work For Us!

Job Ideas: Ringmaster, Animal Tamer, Acrobat, Food Stall Worker, Ride Attendant, Sideshow Worker, Games Attendant

Bucket Bros. Traveling Circus is an original business created by the Vault713 staff. Anyone is welcome to play characters working and attending this location, and are welcome to help expand this business' features. To suggest ideas or ask questions about this business, please PM one of the Admins.
Current Employees


★ Gabrielle Dumont - Aerial Acrobat


★ Ave De Falco - Acrobat
★ Gabrielle Dumont - Dragon Tamer


★ Ave De Falco - Acrobat
★ Gabrielle Dumont - Dragon Tamer
★ Hugh Cairns - Fortune Teller


★ Hugh Cairns - Fortune Teller