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 #40174  by TyrellRose
~Tee's Moodboards~
~What is this?~
So a long time ago I had Photoshop, then I got a new laptop and couldn't get it. I went a long time without it, and then recently discovered Photoscape (a free Windows app). One of the cool things you can do on Photoscape is make photo collages, which fits very well into the trend of making moodboards! I've started making them and thought it would be fun to share the HP/Vault related ones here for everyone to see!

Feel free to offer comments, suggestions, etc! I'm a bit limited by Photoscape but I'll see what I can do :)
~Do you take requests?~
Absolutely! All you need to do is fill out the form below. Now, I have a very limiting schedule already, so please be patient with me, but if you are interested in having a moodboard made all you need to do is fill out the request form below! Please ensure that any requests fit Vault 713's guidelines (aka no content above a PG13 level). Moodboards for ships will take longer to make than moodboards for a specific character, because I like to try to find faceless photos that match the character as closely as possible.
~Request Form~
Please fill out this form and post it as a reply to this thread.
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[b]OOC Name:[/b]
[b]Character or Ship:[/b] Again, please note that ship moodboards tend to take a bit longer than character moodboards
[b]Ideas:[/b] Please list between 3-5 things that reflect your character or ship that I can include in the moodboard.  See my previous work for examples 
[b]Colour Scheme:[/b]
[b]Permission to Post?:[/b] Do I have your permission to post your moodboard as an example of my work or would you prefer I send it to you privately?
PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to post my work anywhere on Vault (such as on your player or character profiles), I only ask that you please include a note crediting me for the image. Please DO NOT post my work on any other sites.
 #40175  by TyrellRose
~My Work~
All images will be under OOC codes due to the size of them (500x500 px)
Draco Malfoy: [ View OOC Note ]
Lily Evans (x2): [ View OOC Note ]
Artemis Browning: [ View OOC Note ]
James Potter: (for Lilly) [ View OOC Note ]
Livvie CP x Cori Thompson: [ View OOC Note ]
Draco Malfoy x Astoria Greengrass (x2): [ View OOC Note ]
Jace Rutherford x Elliot Flight: [ View OOC Note ]
Zeke Warren x Jaime Reyes: [ View OOC Note ]
Clara Selkirk x Rory Cameron: [ View OOC Note ]
Meiriona Davies x James Potter: [ View OOC Note ]

Gethin Pumphrey & Rory Cameron: [ View OOC Note ]
Lucia FM & Jaime Reyes: [ View OOC Note ]
Browning Twins: [ View OOC Note ]
Images in here are neither ships nor single characters. Some are group moodboards, some are from other fandoms but with a Harry Potter spin. Other fandoms will be in the format "Ship (Fandom) Harry Potter AU".
The Reese Family: [ View OOC Note ]
Becho (The 100) Harry Potter AU: [ View OOC Note ]