A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

Guides and resources created to help you find friends and have fun here ate Vault 713, including; the new player handbook, player & community self-help resources, and useful terms and phrases
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The Complete Newbie
This player has never roleplayed before at all. They might like Harry Potter, they might like writing, but whatever the reason they have never tried roleplaying before, so we should try to provide resources to help them get started.

The Basics: At Vault 713, we do not focus on the length of posts nor do we focus on any player's writing abilities. All players are welcome to post at their own pace and we have some of the most lax activity requirements in roleplaying. To help you navigate the Vault, we have guides on almost everything there is concerning the board and Harry Potter canon!

Useful Features: If you have questions, feel free to bring them to the #help channel on our Discord server or the Help Desk. To familiarize yourself with the Vault, take a look at our New Player Guide. If you've just been sorted, feel free to use the sorting-suggested plots or threads. Unsure of what to make for your first character? You can find plenty of ideas in our Character Wanted Ads

Suggested Character Type(s): Experience the Harry Potter series by making a Hogwarts student in Golden Era. You can read more about Golden Era here.

Suggested Businesses: What about thread ideas? You can start threads in places like the British Ministry of Magic, Schwarzwald Market, or The Leaky Cauldron. These are some of the popular areas on the board.

Suggested Roleplaying Areas: Explore the wizarding world at length in some of our established timelines like Expedition Era, Marauder Era, Golden Era, or Reformation Era.

Tips & Advice: Don't be afraid to jump in a thread or create a thread starter! Or, if you're really unsure, chat in discord first to feel more comfortable and make connections.
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The Canon Fanatic
This player only plays canon characters, or they are their favorite. Maybe they want a specific canon that is taken at the Vault, or they have a favorite canon they play everywhere, but they don't really enjoy playing original characters.

The Basics: Here at the Vault we have many canon characters available for play and many different timelines in which to play them. Canon character players can also explore other fates in our Sandbox forum.

Useful Features: Come to the #potter-talk channel in our Discord server to discuss the finer points of canon characters and wizarding world canon in general. You can also share other fan-made or official Harry Potter content in the Fan Works & Harry Potter Media forum!

Suggested Character Type(s): Most canon characters are available for play. You can even explore a lesser known canon character! Please check our canon list to see which characters are unavailable for play.

Suggested Businesses: Explore the canon settings of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry, the British Ministry of Magic, or even explore the multitude of Diagon Alley shops.

Tips & Advice: Don't be afraid to play the character how you see them, as long as it doesn't break canon - add as much or as little as you want to characters and make them your own!
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The Creative Writer
This player enjoys exploring what might have been in the Harry Potter universe and enjoys writing their own stories. They might not want to stick too closely to canon, and might want to share their writing a lot.

The Basics: For our creative types, we have plenty of character types for you to choose from. You can also explore other timelines in our Sandbox forum. The sky's the limit!

Useful Features: In addition to our Sandbox, players can submit their own news articles for each era. An article might even spur a series of threads amongst other players! Share your fanfiction in Fan Works and expound on your character's story in the Solo Storytelling. If you're looking for more creative outlets, you can even create your own business!

Suggested Character Type(s): Creative types can play a variety of original characters that can vary by type: vampires, centaurs, hags, and more!

Suggested Businesses: Visit some player-owned businesses such as Deity Dragon Specialists, The Blue Lagoon, or Burj Al Harba Resort! You can also explore settings such as Salabim Dinner Theatre, Bucket Bros. Traveling Carnival, and more.

Tips & Advice: Take a risk and roleplay in less familiar locations or with unusual character types. Feel free to share your worldbuilding ideas in our Harry Potter & Roleplaying forum!
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The Slice of Life Roleplayer
This player doesn't care much about the wizarding world, they just want to play out relationships or daily lifestyle stories like in television shows or novels. They might be someone who came here to play out a pairing with a friend and might even prefer playing non-wizard characters.

The Basics: We don't just have magical beings and beasts at Vault 713. If you prefer a more normal setting, we have muggle and squib character types available for play.

Useful Features: Create playlists with your character's favorite muggle bands in our Music & Mixes forum. Or even talk about what video games your characters might play in the #video-game-chat channel on our Discord server!

Suggested Character Type(s): Players can make muggle or squib characters without limiting their fun on Vault 713. Or if you want to play a magical being, you can make a young adult or a student just having left school!

Suggested Businesses: Your character can work at Grunnings Drills or Kelu'lsiet Day Spa or pick up a custom rug at Nile Textiles & Weavery.

Tips & Advice: Don't be afraid to roleplay with magical beings even if you yourself are not interested in playing them. The Vault is your oyster!
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The Casual Poster
This player wants to post when they have time, and they might not have a lot of time. They might not reply very quickly, but they care a lot about their characters and still want to participate when and where they can. They might have to disappear for awhile due to real life, but want to be able to come back when they can.

The Basics: Vault 713 is a very relaxed community. We have very lax activity requirements than most roleplaying sites — you only need to make 1 post per character every 4 months. If your characters become inactive or you want to take a break from a character, we also have easy processes for character reactivation and retirement.

Useful Features: Use the Work In Progress forum to flesh out characters are your own pace and save drafts of posts to come back to later. You can also activate notifications for threads that may need replies.

Suggested Character Type(s): Create a Founders, Expedition, or Marauder Era character for slower-paced threads.

Suggested Businesses: Create threads in St. Mungo's, Golden Wing Hospice, or the Chicago Academy of Magic just to name a few!

Tips & Advice: Use the Connections Classifieds or the #players-wanted channel on our Discord server to create one-on-one bonds with players. Make sure to keep your roleplaying partners updated in your Player Profile or the #status-updates channel on Discord.
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The Strict Plotter
This player loves their plotting! They want to be able to plot with other people, to come up with very particular storylines, and to get a lot of people involved. They're very attached to their plots and want them to go as smoothly as possible, and may want to connect their character to as many other characters as possible.

The Basics: Vault 713 has plenty of places OOC where players can plot more in-depth threads and story lines for their characters. You can also create diaries and profiles for your characters!

Useful Features: To start things off, you can use our detailed character sheet when making a new character. After that, you can go more in depth by making a character profile. If you're looking for characters for your plot, post them up in the Story Hub.

Suggested Character Type(s): Entry-level workers with room for professional and personal growth through relationships, travelers, government officials, businessmen and women

Suggested Businesses: Create threads in Diagon Alley, the Magical Artisans Guild, Constellation Shopping Plaza, and more!

Tips & Advice: Make use of our discord server to quickly discuss ideas. Use the classifieds to see who else plays similar characters and use your Player Profile to keep track of threads and plots.
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The Social Butterfly
This player is looking for somewhere to make friends. They want to roleplay and want to get involved with stories, but they primarily want to socialize with other people. They roleplay with the people they talk to the most, and might sometimes post slowly even though they are frequently online.

The Basics: We have a wide variety of community activities available including; a community Discord, A Player Hub, game forums, and areas to share personal artwork. We encourage discussion and potter theories and talks, and have an area to post a Player Profile to introduce yourself!

Useful Features: Making friends is easy with the Connection Classifieds and the use of news articles, rumors, and owls. The community encourages wanted ads, and our Discord has channels dedicated to general chat, music, memes, art, and potter talk.

Suggested Character Type(s): Social types can created Aristocrats/Socialites, young party goers at one of our clubs & pubs, a performer in the Bucket Bros. Traveling Carnival, or a drifter out to travel the world.

Suggested Businesses: Fun and full-energy businesses such as Zonko's Joke Shop or Weasley's Wizard Wheezes would be great fun to visit! Music festivals and large social events may be right up your characters' alley too!

Tips & Advice: Make yourself at home; read some player profiles, reply to character connections, and participate in OOC games and activities. You'll make friends in no time!
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The Founders Era Enthusiast
This player loves medieval themed plots and has a deep-seated interest in what life was like in the first century. They may be interested in characters who fight dragons and use swords.

The Basics: We have an expansive timeline for those interested in medieval fantasy plots with a range of locations and job positions available in and out of the UK.

Useful Features: News listings from The Traveling Herald to report current plot points, adjusted job titles to use, and altered Hogwarts levels for the era.

Suggested Character Type(s): Founders era is best suited for royalty, beasts and beings ( such as centaurs and vampires), muggle peasants, travellers, pirates, and vikings.

Suggested Businesses: Create characters and threads in The Rose Court Inn, Ulfbercht Armory or one of the three listed schools. Other occupations can be altered for the specific era: bard, knight, beast slayer, and apothecary are all great options!

Tips & Advice: Get creative with the world you build; explore as a muggle in a magical world, use real historical events to shape your characters, make your own line of royalty, fight dragons, and travel the kingdoms.
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The Steampunk Epicurean
This player loves stories leading up to the turn of the century wild wacky inventions, deplorable scandals, obsessions over Penny Dreadfuls, Seances, and those - sometimes dangerous - fads. Why not add a touch of magic?

The Basics: We offer a unique plot to inspire intrigue and mystery with plenty of locations to delve into the gothic era. Players are encouraged to be creative with plots and characters.

Useful Features: Vault713 offers players opportunities to write their own Victorian articles and rumors using the News & Rumors Submission Form. Players can use the Community Forum or the #Potter-Talk in Discord to discuss Magical trends throughout the century.

Suggested Character Type(s): Aristocrats and socialites are great options, as are mediums, journalists, and inventors. As this is the Victorian era, why not try a Ghost or a Seer?

Suggested Businesses: Characters can go exploring with the Wizarding Expedition Society, or conduct research with the Magical Artisans Guild. Madame Puddifoot's Tea Shop would be a great place to gossip and discuss the latest scandal in the Witch Weekly Magazine.

Tips & Advice: Don't be afraid to have your characters create or invent things to add to the setting's plot! Participate in group seances and ghost hunts - in fact, you could even play the ghost!
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The Fantastic Beasts Fan
This player loved the Fantastic Beasts films and wants to tell stories set in that time period. They enjoy exploring what life was like during the time of Grindelwald.

The Basics: An era created for those with a love for the films. Explore the USA in the roaring 20s with jazz, fashion, and dancing in a time of magical secrecy! Or is it secret at all?

Useful Features: Using the timeline system, players can have play younger characters in Expedition whilst playing them as adults in later eras. Create Wanted Characters for other people to play with you.

Suggested Character Type(s): Play Magical and Muggle (no-maj) characters, Metamorphmagi to keep up with the latest fashion trends, jazz singers, squibs, and factory workers.

Suggested Businesses: Explore Merlin's Nightclub, report for Wizarding World Today, represent the American Bureau of Magical Affairs, and travel across America with the Magical Railway Association.

Tips & Advice: Follow the Canon of the Fantastic Beasts story and add to it! Share 20s jazz in Discord and show what you think Magical fashion would look like in the era.
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The Marauder Enthusiast
This player is a fan of the stories of James, Lily, and the rest of the Marauders. They like the idea of telling stories set during the First Wizarding War and shaping the Wizarding World.

The Basics: We offer a great opportunity to explore and enjoy the 70s in the Wiarding world. Play canon characters, get involved in political unrest, and enjoy the decade before He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named inflicts his reign of terror.

Useful Features: Use the Freeform Sandbox to submit solo or collaborative stories surrounding canon or original characters for before or after the current year. Use the classifieds to create rights activists groups or create a band.

Suggested Character Type(s): Play available canons, Ministry officials around the globe, hippies and rights activists, Parselmouths.

Suggested Businesses: Visit magical governments and Hogwarts. Perhaps explore 70s fashion using Di Pietro Fashion House, or become a part of a groovy band with Occult Records.

Tips & Advice: Contact Canon players for plots, use real life events to influence or inspire your magical experience, and share your enthusiasm for the psychedelic 70s.
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The Classic Potter Player
This player loves the story of Harry and his friends and wants to write stories set in the 90s, following Harry's story. They may also be interested in what is going on on the other side of the brewing war.

The Basics: Vault713 follows the years of the seven books, offering opportunities to play and play with canons. Players can be a part of Quidditch teams, Dumbledore's army, Wizarding Chess clubs, and more.

Useful Features: All Hogwarts students get put into a house à la Sorting Hat style by staff. Characters can participate in events surrounding the books, getting directly involved with the story! Updates on the story will be posted through the News and Rumors, which players can also submit to too!

Suggested Character Type(s): Golden era is particularly suited to students and professors. House Elves and Squibs would also be fun to play as the plot continues. Check out the available canons too!

Suggested Businesses: Why not visit Honeydukes Sweet Shop in Hogsmeade? Or take a trip to Diagon Alley to stop by Flourish & Blotts or Wonderful Wands. The Daily Prophet is sure to have some great articles to read along the way!

Tips & Advice: Feel free to use the lexicon or wiki for additional info or ask your fellow players. Use events to further character growth, and participate in ooc discussions for plots and ideas.
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The Next-Gen Enthusiast
This player is interested in what comes next, after Harry and his friends defeat Voldemort.
They may have read Cursed Child and are interested in telling stories set during the time Harry's children are at Hogwarts.

The Basics: The perfect era to explore magical and non-magical worlds coming together; play magical characters delving into modern technology, and play non-magical characters learning about a fantastical part of the community.

Useful Features: Use Legacy Era to host magical/non-magical collaborative board-wide events, or create businesses that include all parts of the community. Discuss how the magical society react to modern technology using the Harry Potter & Roleplay Discussion forum.

Suggested Character Type(s): Children attending Hogwarts are a great starter, as are musicians for Occult Records, politicians for or against magical integration, Squibs, and Veela.

Suggested Businesses: Have your characters visit Dos Sillas Mexican Restaurant for an evening meal, followed by some great entertainment at the Monaco Star Casino. Or have a quiet night in listening to the Wizarding Wireless.

Tips & Advice: Play your characters 20 years on from the Golden Trio, add your own interpretations and ideas, and take full advantage of the integration between magical and non-magical communities.
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The AU Aficionado
This player loves to roleplay in various scenarios, including those not fully represented in the Harry Potter universe. They want to explore 'what if' scenarios or alter canon to explore brand new ideas.

The Basics: Vault713 has an entire Sandbox area with sub-forums for each category of AU roleplay. Players are encouraged to play with creativity, add ideas, explore possibilities, and practice writing what isn't always possible in the timeline forums.

Useful Features: The Solo Storytelling forum is perfect to give memories of timeline characters, write one-off stories, or share fanfiction for other players to read and comment on.

Suggested Character Type(s): Canon characters are always available for play in the sandbox, even Voldemort himself! Players are also more than welcome to play species outside of the Character Types - play a dragon or poltergeist! Play characters that push the boundaries of magic and its uses; who knows, maybe witches use bees for their spells and potions.

Suggested Businesses: Have you always wanted to play an alternative version of a canon business? Now's your chance! You can play in an American version of Hogwarts, or an Australian Durmstrang. Perhaps you'd like to play a brand new business or profession that isn't quite ready for the timelines.

Tips & Advice: Use the Sandbox Classifieds to find roleplay partners, or discuss your AU theories in the OOC discussion area. Vault is the perfect place to stretch those creative muscles and write something transformative and brand new.