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Guides and resources created to help you have fun here at Vault 713, including; seasons overview, and posting & community etiquette
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Posting & Community Etiquette
Respect your partner's posting speed. Some people love to do "rapid fire" posting, completing an entire thread over the course of a day or less, but not all members are able to do so. Many have work, studies, and/or families that can dominate their time and slow down their posting. Others simply need more time to write their posts. Whatever their reason for taking their time to post, it is polite to give your partner time, at least 48 hours, to reply before giving them a friendly reminder that you are waiting for a reply.

Don't take over someone's thread. We encourage players to join threads where it would make sense for their characters to be involved, but it is important when doing so to make certain you do not accidentally steal the show. If you join a thread that is already in progress, try to only join with one character at a time to give other players and their characters a chance to participate and react to the newcomers.

Honesty is the best policy! If someone joins your thread and you are unsure how to reply to them, or if you don't know what another player meant in their post, don't be afraid to ask for clarification. Your partner will generally be happy to explain what they meant, especially if it means you will be able to post post-haste!

Moderate your story participation. We know it can be frustrating to wait for replies, but if you've recently joined a number of threads in quick succession, it's a good idea to wait before joining more. Everyone is eager to play, but joining several concurrent stories can lead to confusion and disruption of storylines.