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Character Skills & Abilities Guide

So you've made your character and you've completed some threads! Things are great but what else does the Vault offer to develop your character?

Maybe your character was particularly adept at divination in school or your character wants to move up through the healer ranks at St. Mungo's. Or, if you want to shake things up, an animagus within the Ministry of Magic could be an advantageous ally. Consider getting a skill or ability for your character!

  1. Choose a skill or ability and read the requirements detailed on the page
  2. Start plotting! Use classifieds, Discord, create or join open threads. Keep track of any information, threads, or pre-requisites you might need as these will be needed for the form
  3. Fill in and send in the form
  4. Profit!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are skill certifications and abilities?
Skill certifications allow your character to become experts in certain magical fields. You can even combine skills to access advanced skill certifications like healing. You can read more about them here. Abilities are out-of-the-ordinary skills characters can perform. They include the legilimens ability and the parselmouth ability just to name a few. You can read more about abilities here.

How can I earn them?
You can earn skills and abilities by participating in roleplaying threads. Each skill and ability has a set of requirements that need to be fulfilled at the time you submit your form.

How do they help my character develop?
Skills and abilities allow you to discover new roleplaying and personality avenues for your character.

Is there a limit on how many skills and abilities my character can have?
There is no limit on how many skills and abilities your character can have. There may be some limitations to which special abilities your character can have such as submitting a form for both vampirism and lycanthropy.

Where can I search for people to thread prompts with?
We suggest using the Connections Classifieds, the #players-wanted channel on our Discord server, and the Fixed Timeline Classifieds to find other players!