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 #325  by Jason
I feel it's hard for me to keep track of the currently TWO characters that I play, but I know many of you have double, triple, or ten times that many characters. So....how do you do it?

For me, I try to keep all of my notes for myself in a single place. That single place has varied over the years, but of late, I've been quite fond of Scrivener, a nice piece of software available for MacOS, iOS, and Windows.

It's paid software, but well worth it, especially if you do a lot of writing in addition to what you do on the vault--it really shines when you're putting together a longer work, whether a research paper, a novel, or an entire thesis project.

Check it out while I clean up my Vault project enough to take screenshots and show you how I organize my thoughts
 #1136  by TyrellRose
I keep a lot of notes on Google Drive, actually. People who know me know that I have my infamous spreadsheet for keeping track of quills and completed stories, and I've expanded that spreadsheet to include buzz words to remind myself what a particular character is doing in a particular era. I also have a document to keep track of birthdays, basic character stats like how many POC and LGBTQ+ characters I have, and even a doc with photo references of all pets owned by my characters.

I try to keep these updated as much as possible, but sometimes I slack a bit, oops.

I haven't heard of Scrivener, though. What are the features that attracted you to it @Jason?
 #1634  by Dizzy Izzy
I am like @TyrellRose. I have a spreadsheet that keeps track of my characters, their ages, birthdays, CS, quills, playbys and if they have a thread in the current season.

I have another that keeps track of my threads each season which includes a reminder when it is my turn to post.

I also have docs that contain notes on a particular character or group of characters that I can refer back to when writing posts.
 #1835  by Jason
TyrellRose wrote: I haven't heard of Scrivener, though. What are the features that attracted you to it @Jason?
So, I got initially drawn to the program when I was taking a few night classes in an abortive attempt to get an additional subject area added to my teaching certificate (I guess they call them licenses here nowadays). I had a paper to write and wanted to do a better job drafting and revising the paper than I typically did. The program seemed to fit the bill really well, and I rationalized the purchase even further by committing to use it to help keep track of my grandpa's "book" that he was writing out longhand and I was helping him type up and revise.

It was a pretty ambitious book that seemed to be sort of trying to explain everything in the universe as collection of forces. He went from talking about actual forces to Jimmy Hoffa to different types of music. It was mostly just him taking notes on any subject that interested him and trying to put them together into one thing. He passed before we could get through much, but it definitely kept him busy.

Anyhow, I found it somewhat useful to apply it to Vault since it gives me a convenient place to draft responses to threads, I can use it to actually keep track of threads I'm in (I usually copy/paste the whole thread into the program to have an offline version handy to look back on), and especially, I've used it to write memory pensieves very, very, very slowly.
 #1836  by Jason
Enough about how I found the program. How the heck do I use it?

There’s a lot going on in this screenshot, but you can see along the left sort of your main navigation/outline type thing which I split into sections for each character. Towards the bottom, there’s a “research” folder which can hold not just text documents, but also images or any other files that you might reference while crafting a larger piece of writing. I throw images of characters or places I might want to reference while writing in here. The center panel is where the writing actually happens, but if you click on a folder, it can show you a nice summary view of each subdocument—this is where I’m tracking my long-stalled “what happened to Tasha before she came to the UK” story.

Each document or file can be tagged with a label and a status, so I can track ideas I’m working on, threads I’m in, and sort them by era etc.

Finally, on the right, there’s a little synopsis that you can use to give yourself some direction while you’re writing and a separate notes section that you could put whatever you want in there—notes to yourself that you don’t want to inadvertently copy into the forum, notes about stuff you researched, or just a URL link to the thread on the forum.
 #2162  by Sammy
I utilize an absurdly complicated system of Google Docs. I'm surprised that, despite my love and overuse of spreadsheets in daily life, I've never thought to use one to organize my characters. So, thank you @Dizzy Izzy and @TyrellRose for giving me the idea. I'm also considering moving my character note to Evernote. For no reason other than I'm bored and my Google Doc system is truly absurd.
 #2163  by Jason
@Sammy Do it! Evernote is awesome. I use it for a lot of things, (mostly my recipe collection) just not for Vault for some reason.

I’m also a HUGE fan of OneNote—if I wasn’t using Scrivener to draft most of my posts I’d likely use that. OneNote is literally the only thing keeping me sane at work, and I use it(well...a program very similar to it) a good amount to organize my D&D stuff.)
 #2165  by Sammy
@Jason I think I will. I used to use it for class notes, before I stopped using my computer and went back to handwritten notes. I like it better than OneNote personally. I find OneNote cumbersome. But I'm thinking I'm going to switch everything I have over because it makes so much more sense than what I have right now which is spread out over the Drive of 2 google accounts and about 15 individual docs for my like 6 characters + those in various stages of development.