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 #267  by TyrellRose
The more I think about it, the more I start to wonder whether or not Harry would have succeeded in the Triwizard Tournament if he had not had help from others. I mean, the first challenge aside, he was badgered by Hermione, told by Cedric, and helped by Neville for the second challenge, and as for the third challenge...

What does this tell us about Harry as a character? Do you think he could have come through and completed the tasks if no one had helped him? What does this say about Harry's friends, that they were so willing to help?
 #1496  by Lilly
I did some thinking on this (probably a little too much thinking, I admit) and concluded that, yes, I think he would have done well. Harry is terrible at planning but very resourceful and able to think on his feet when his life is in danger.

It’s a little unfair to ask if he’d make it without the help of his friends because all the champions had help in some form or fashion from their friends, teachers and or mentors. (When you go back and read through the Goblet of Fire you’ll catch little hints that clue you in on this). But I do think things would have gone very differently had he not had any help and he may not have even completed all his challenges.

Didn’t they touch a little on this subject in Cursed Child? I’m trying to remember. I only read it once.