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Would You Participate in a Thread Roulette?

Only if there's good rewards (feel free to offer suggestions ;) )
Only if there's writing prompts
No votes
 #13121  by Vyreia
Heya! Me again!

What's a thread roulette?
It's basically a mini event where we would randomly assign you to an rp partner who you wouldn't normally thread with.

Would we get rewards?
Of course! There may be more quills offered than usual for completion of the event thread

What if we have no ideas?
Don't worry, the staff will be here to help! You can always request a random event using the report function, or message one of us via PM on here or Discord, and we'll be happy to get those creative juices flowing!

Will staff participate?
If they wanted to! I personally would!

Please not that this is just a poll for interest and nothing is confirmed just yet ;)