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 #327  by Alatariel
So just like all the characters we write for, most of us know which house we belong to, what type of wands we use and even what our Patronuses are. Some of you might also know what you'd Amortentia able to smell and what you'd seeing coming up against a Boggart. The Mirror of Erised show the deepest, most desperate desire of our hearts but without actually looking the mirror, I'm am sure some of us would know what we desire the most.

Here is how this will work, I will go first and then everybody can follow suit.

House • Hufflepuff and PROUD
Wand • Cedar wood with a phoenix feather core, 11 ¾" and reasonably supple flexibility
Amortentia • Citrus, freshly cleaned laundry, vanilla and eucalyptus.
Boggart • Just dark. Just darkness everywhere.
Mirror of Erised • Seeing my Dad interacting with my children for the first time.
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[size=120][b][i]House[/i][/b][/size] • 
[size=120][i][b]Wand[/b][/i] [/size] • 
[size=120][i][b]Amortentia[/b][/i][/size] • 
[size=120][i][b]Boggart[/b][/i][/size] • . 
[size=120][i][b]Mirror of Erised[/b][/i][/size] • 
Patronus • .
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[size=120][i][b]Patronus[/b][/i][/size] • . 
[size=120][i][b]Ilvermorny[/b][/i][/size] • 
Just use the supplied codes above to fill in the information.
 #338  by Vyreia
House • Ravenclaw
Wand • Ebony wood with a Unicorn hair core 14 ¼" and Hard flexibility
Amortentia • Pine, petrichor, the sea, spearemint
Boggart • Being alone or ignored
Mirror of Erised • Being successful in life
Patronus • Thestral (from Pottermore...very interesting)
Ilvermorny • Thunderbird
 #564  by Kay
House • Ravenclaw!!!!
Wand• I stole Harry's wand.
Amortentia • Vanilla! The kind where you wake up at night wondering if someone is baking cookies. Firewood and a homemade meal.
Boggart • . Spinning doors... Ugh.
Mirror of Erised• Me and my family.
 #566  by Kitastrophes
House • Slytherin (ambition, tendency for passive aggressiveness, resourceful... people are often surprised but I've embraced it)
Wand • 10" Hawthorne, Unicorn hair core, rather rigid
Amortentia • The sea, Lavender, Coffee
Boggart • .My friends telling me they hate me
Mirror of Erised• Me with my grandmother
 #757  by Aidan
House • Ravenclaw. Both versions of Pottermore put me as this and I think it's pretty accurate.
Wand • Hawthorn wood with a Unicorn hair core 13 ¼" and Surprisingly Swishy flexibility
Amortentia • Wood fire (campfire, fireplace fire), rain
Boggart • Death of close family member
Mirror of Erised • Basically just happiness with friends and family
 #1003  by Alatariel
Three people with unicorn core wands. Cool!
 #1007  by Susan
House • Hufflepuff
Wand • Willow wood, unicorn hair core, 10 3/4 inches, slightly yielding flexibility
Amortentia • Vanilla, freshly baked stuff
Boggart • My mum and/or brother dying. Or spiders.
Mirror of Erised • being secure, surrounded by family and friends, and being happily in love with someone.
 #1250  by Purple
House • Ravenclaw
Wand • Larch, raven talon (no correlation to hogwarts house - I put a lot of thought to this), 10.5," slightly yielding
Amortentia • Fresh baked bread, sandalwood, roasted coffee
Boggart • Unreality (also that thing in the triwizard maze that made harry think he was turned upside-down -that thing would destroy me)
Mirror of Erised • Having a successful career in the field of manuscript studies, surrounded by several dogs
Patronus • Sphynx Cat, according to Pottermore
Ilvermorny House • Horned Serpent
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 #1373  by Lilly
Hogwarts House • Gryffindor (I was a hatstall…twice)
Wand • Ashwood with Phoenix feather core, 12 ¼” quite bendy
Amortentia • Honeysuckle, Cedarwood, New Book Smell.
Boggart • Dementor
Mirror of Erised • Being Happy and Loved
Patronus • Red Fox
Ilvermorny House • Thunderbird
 #1378  by Alatariel
Oh! Patronus and Ilvermorny house is something I didn't think about adding!
 #1383  by Alatariel
Patronus • . Orca
Ilvermorny • Thunderbird
 #2533  by Sammy
House • Slytherin Master Race
Wand • Cedar wood with a Unicorn hair core 11" and Unbending flexibility
Amortentia • The ocean after a thunderstorm
Boggart • Needles. Just needles flying at me from all directions. Or bees. Or worse, both.
Mirror of Erised • Me at the bar admission ceremony.
Patronus • Wolf
Ilvermorny • Horned Serpent (Snake4lyfe)
 #6209  by Eridanus
This is Eridanus. Some day I might fill this for myself, too.
House • Gryffindor
Wand • Whomping willow, werewolf whiskar (I headcanon that's the only wand material that keeps its strength in a dementor's hand)
Amortentia • soil after rain
Boggart • . a patronus (obviously)
Mirror of Erised • being a shapeshifter
Patronus Can we skip this, please?
 #8069  by Cat
House • Ravenclaw
Amortentia • chlorine, suncream and brownies
Boggart • growing old without my partner
Mirror of Erised • an uncomplicated life with all my family
 #34483  by Ejder
House • Hufflepuff
Wand • Give me a million years to figure out the wood. Dragon heartstring or phoenix tail feather.
Amortentia • Citrus, linden, cedar, musk, strawberries, and Drakkar Noir.
Boggart • Never finding happiness. Or, like, long-legged spiders.
Mirror of Erised • Being able to see myself for who I am, clearly, without all my issues getting in the way, and not hating what I see