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Profiles of characters with first names that start with B - C.
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Bellamy Dubois / Junior Auror
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 by Bellamy Dubois
Carter Whittaker
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 by Carter Whittaker
Captain Gunnar Kaylock
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 by Captain Gunnar Kaylock
Boddy the Gym Elf
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 by Boddy the Gym Elf
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 by Berenice Di Pietro
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 by Cristopher Arundael
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 by Ciceron York
Costanza Orsini-Zimov
by Costanza Orsini-Zimov  - 
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 by Costanza Orsini-Zimov
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 by Charlotte Hastings
Cecil Hart
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 by Cecil Hart
Caleb Pryer
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 by Caleb Pryer
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 by Caitlin Westcott-Fisher