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Stories taking place in mainland Europe and Russia west of the Ural Mountains. Some countries include France, Norway, Bulgaria, and Poland.
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[Germany] visiting the views
by Tommaso Cortopassi  - 
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 by Tommaso Cortopassi
[Germany] The devil in I
by Karsten Funkenfluss  - 
10 Replies 
 by Karsten Funkenfluss
27 Replies 
 by Eileen Foxlove
[Romania] Gathering Storms
by Manuela Balan  - 
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 by Manuela Balan
[Italy] A Request
by Michelle La Fratta  - 
5 Replies 
 by Vieri Di Pietro
15 Replies 
 by Andi Foerster
[Romania] A Monumental Task
by Nadezhda Katoracov  - 
6 Replies 
 by Nadezhda Katoracov
9 Replies 
 by Albie Rees
[Spain] Shine a Light
by Thiego Macias  - 
9 Replies 
 by Roger Donoghue
[Germany] Heavy Mortal Beauty
by Vita Bergamot  - 
38 Replies 
 by Vita Bergamot
[Sweden] Just Kiss, Already!
by Nerys Reese  - 
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 by Nerys Reese
[Germany] And I Must Say
by Lindsay Barton  - 
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 by Thea Redwood
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 by Reese Killigrew
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 by Andi Foerster
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 by Gavril Balcescu