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Vampire Characters

A vampire character is a type of non-human character that comes from several bloodlines, which determine their origin and abilities. Vampires traditionally are nocturnal creatures that may only wake at night, are harmed by the light of the sun, and require drinking blood of mortals to “live.” Vampires are a natural threat to both wizards and muggles alike, and as a result they are subject to a number of regulations from the various international magical governing bodies.

Please note that due to the nature of vampires, there may be some horror elements in this information that some players may wish to tread carefully around.

Vampire Basics
  • A mortal can only be turned into a vampire if a vampire drinks or drains at least half of their blood and then makes them to drink some of the vampire’s blood.
  • Turning a mortal into a vampire involves the mortal completely dying, which wipes clean any abilities or bloodlines they may have had previously and lets them start fresh. The vampire blood replaces any magical blood so wizards no longer retain their powers.
  • Vampires cannot be exposed to sunlight without the threat of their skin catching fire.
  • Vampires are divided by the following age groups: Fledgling (turned within the past 50 years), Neophyte (turned anywhere from 50-250 years prior), Medial (turned anywhere from 250-700 years prior), Elder (turned anywhere from 700 to 1500 years prior) and Ancient (turned more than 1500 years prior.)
  • Vampire age groups are not hard and fast lines, but generally this is how long it takes each vampire to grow accustomed to their new abilities, and how long it takes their fellow vampires to adjust to their position in the vampire community.

International Regulations
  • Vampires are not permitted to own or carry a wand.
  • Vampires must be registered with the magical government of their home country and must carry an identification card at all times.
  • Vampires are not permitted to enter any public establishment unless accompanied by a mortal witch or wizard.
  • It is illegal to create new vampires and to feed on unwilling targets.

Immortality and Spell Effects
  • While silver, garlic, holy water, and holy relics are commonly believed to be wards against vampires, most find them only annoying or amusing at best. Some vampire cultures and bloodlines, however, do have their own superstitions against these sorts of objects.
  • The older a vampire is, the easier time they have resisting spells from witches and wizards. Fledgling vampires are given only some resistance, while Ancients may be able to resist most spells without issue.
  • The Avada Kedavra spell used by wizards, along with wooden stakes, do not kill vampires, but each only sends them into a death-like state similar to petrification. For a Fledgling, this state can last anywhere from four to six weeks or more, while an ancient vampire is able to break out of the state in as soon as 24 hours.
  • Depriving a vampire of blood has a similar effect as the spell and stake listed above, but petrifies the vampire more permanently. Fledglings must feed several times per week, while an Ancient might only need to feed well once every few months. Giving a vampire blood once more should wake them from this state.
  • While killing vampires is tricky, they can be dispatched by being burned while either staked through the heart or deprived of blood.

Creating Your Vampire

Each vampire character may choose two basic abilities and a set number of abilities from their chosen bloodline. Once you have played your vampire character for a time, you may be eligible to choose additional abilities for your character.

  • If your vampire will be alive in one or two eras, you may choose one bloodline ability.
  • If your vampire will be alive in three or four eras, you may choose two bloodline abilities.
  • If your vampire will be alive in Founders era and any number of other eras, you may choose one extra bloodline ability.

As outlined on the character types overview, you may choose two of the following basic abilities for your character:

  • Enhanced Senses – all basic senses of taste, smell, sight, are far stronger than mortals
  • Enhanced Strength – your character is capable of lifting, bending, and breaking much more
  • Increased Speed – your character can move far faster than most humans
  • Increased Resilience – your character is able to resist more spells and physical damage
  • Youthful Appearance – no matter how old your character was when turned or how long they have been a vampire, they appear as a young adult in good health

Vampire Bloodlines Overview

Abha Iblis Vampires

Said to be descended from three princes in the middle east, the Abha Iblis choose to sire those who may have ties to wealth or royalty, especially favoring first born sons.

Region: Middle East & Northern Africa
Shared Flaw: Warded off by the smoke from burning harmal seeds.
Available Abilities: Ianna’s Song, Intoxicate, Sandshaping, Stone Form

Croatoan Vampires

Rooted in a history of despair, the Croatoan are solitary vampires who feed on the displeasure and loneliness of others. They offer their gift as a way out for mortals who are suffering, only for the gift to turn on them and offer them an eternal life of misery.

Region: United States & Canada, isolated sightings in the United Kingdom
Shared Flaw: Attempts at sleep are only met with restlessness and nightmares that are ongoing for as long as the vampire is able to manage sleep or a sleep-like state.
Available Abilities: Illusion Casting, Persuasion, Shadow Walking, Thought Perception

Fleur Du Sang Vampires

Known for their indulgence in everything, those of the Fleur du Sang bloodline are drawn to sire others of immaculate beauty or who are greatly cultured and hold an affinity for the arts.

Region: Western Europe, most notably sighted in France
Shared Flaw: Cannot enter any private residence without first being invited in.
Available Abilities: Illusion Casting, Intoxicate, Teleportation, Thought Perception

Jiang Shi Vampire

Thought to be related to ancient “hopping vampires,” the Jiang Shi are now known more for their ability to exist by draining their victims’ energy while drinking their blood. They tend to sire those who seem most keen at manipulation, including those involved in politics.

Region: Asia, most notably sighted in China
Shared Flaw: Once being turned, a Jiang Shi can never return to the place they called home before becoming a vampire. If they attempt to return there, they will be met with only fog or find themselves in another location.
Available Abilities: Astral Projection, Emotion Drain, Mist Form, Thought Perception

Nosferatu Vampire

One of the oldest known bloodlines, the Nosferatu seem to have less consistency with who they choose to sire, but most often do so for their own personal gain, or very rarely for the sake of taking a husband or wife.

Region: Eastern Europe, most notably sighted in Romania
Shared Flaw: A Nosferatu vampire wishing to travel across any body of water must due so while packed with dirt from the grave where they were first buried or where the vampirism ritual was performed.
Available Abilities: Flying, Hypnosis, Mist Form, Shapeshifting

Ramanga Vampires

Believed to have ties to witch doctors and shamans, the Ramanga are very close to nature and choose to sire those who also wish to strengthen their own bond with nature by transcending that of a mortal life.

Region: South America, The Caribbean, also seen in some parts of Africa
Shared Flaw: While appearing more similar to an ordinary human during most circumstances, a Ramanga’s reflection shows only a hideous monster if they were to pass in front of a mirror.
Available Abilities: Hypnosis, Illusion Casting, Shapeshifting, Talons of the Beast

Vampire Abilities Index

This page contains the abilities the separate vampire bloodlines have honed over generations, powers that are fueled by the blood they drink. Vampires active in up to three eras may have access to one power available to their bloodline, those active in four may choose two, and those truly ancient vampires active in five or more eras may choose three.

Astral Projection

Available To: Jiang Shi

Ability Description: The vampire is able to leave her body behind while her spirit is elsewhere. As long as the vampire is able to concentrate, she can use her mind to move to another location while unseen, unheard, and unable to interact with anyone or anything. The vampire’s body is particularly vulnerable in this state, and she can become separated from it if attacked.

Emotion Drain

Available To: Jiang Shi

Ability Description: The vampire is able to drain all happiness from the target as long as he is able to maintain focus. This ability works similar to that of a Dementor, and can linger for up to one minute after the vampire’s focus is broken.

Ianna's Song

Available To: Abha Iblis

Ability Description: The vampire is able to emit a screech-like noise that stuns and dazes her target for up to one minute after she has ceased her song.

Illusion Casting

Available To: Croatoan, Fleur du Sang, Ramanga

Ability Description: The vampire is able to create a small illusion, such as making something appear out of the corner of someone’s eye or making it look as if something is there that is not.


Available To: Abha Iblis, Fleur du Sang

Ability Description: By maintaining eye contact, the vampire is able to entrance his victim. This enchantment lasts up to a minute from when eye contact is broken and puts the target in a relaxed daze.

Mist Form

Available To: Jiang Shi, Nosferatu

Ability Description: The vampire is able to take on the form of a cloud of mist to move from one place to another. This does not render her immune to any effects of heat or sunlight, and she is not invisible. This effect lasts only as long as the vampire is able to concentrate, and she is not able to speak while in this form.


Available To: Croatoan

Ability Description: The vampire is able to persuade the target to take fairly basic suggestions as long as he is able to retain the target’s focus. This is not a mind control ability, however, and will break if the vampire cannot remain focused enough on the target.


Available To: Abha Iblis

Ability Description: The vampire is able to control sand and shape it into any form for a brief period of time. As soon as the vampire loses focus the sand will return to its original shape.

Shadow Walking

Available To: Croatoan

Ability Description: The vampire is able to step from one shadow to the next while using them as cover. This ability will falter if the vampire steps directly into daylight rather than from one shadow to the next.


Available To: Nosferatu, Ramanga

Ability Description: The vampire holds an ability similar to the wizarding animagus ability but is able to transform into any mundane animal no larger than a bear. This ability only lasts as long as the vampire is able to retain focus on her form. Other vampiric abilities are not available while shapeshifting, and the vampire cannot feed while in this form unless she has shifted into an animal that would otherwise consume blood.

Stone Form

Available To: Abha Iblis

Ability Description: The vampire is able to harden his skin until he appears as a statue for as long as he retains focus and remains still. This is easier if the vampire has recently fed and is impossible if he has ignored his thirst for more than a handful of nights.

Talons of the Beast

Available To: Ramanga

Ability Description: The vampire is able to shift her hands into grotesque claws or grow her nails out like talons. When used as weapons, these claws are particularly vicious and are not often used unless the vampire has little regard whether her victim lives or dies.


Available To: Fleur du Sang

Ability Description: The vampire disappears and reappears elsewhere, with only a slight breeze to mark his passing. Unlike when wizards apparate, the vampire does not create any noise, and there is no risk of splinching. He only needs to think of his destination and will himself there. The vampire cannot bring anyone else along with them when teleporting, only inanimate items on his person.

Thought Perception

Available To: Croatoan, Fleur Du Sang, Jiang Shi

Ability Description: The vampire’s victims’ thoughts call out to her. She need only listen. She must maintain focus to hear the surface thoughts of others nearby. Witches and wizards who have trained their minds in Occlumency are as resistant to a vampire’s Thought Perception as they are the mental attacks of a Legilimens.