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Useful Terms & Phrases
Has someone said something and you have no idea what they mean? Did you see an acronym somewhere and need to look it up? We’re here to help! If something is missing from this page, feel free to use the Help Desk to get assistance with what it is you need to know.

avatar – the image displayed next to your posts on the forum, also shortened as “av”

canon character – a character from the Harry Potter series, such as Ron Weasley

character sheet – a list of information about your character that must be filled out before playing

Discord – the chat service available for members to socialize out of character

original character – a player-created character that does not exist in the Harry Potter series

OOC – shorthand for “out of character”

playby – a celebrity, model, or other image used to depict your character, or who they would be “played by” in a movie, also shortened as “PB”

quills – currency used for various special features, earned by completing stories

story – also called a thread, a series of posts that are all a part of a single roleplaying scene

thread – also called a story, a series of posts on the forum that are all responses to one another

vaultkeeper – a moderator on the official vault 713 staff team