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Schools & Education in the Wizarding World

While we know that Hogwarts exists for students in the United Kingdom and Ireland to attend school, there’s the rest of the world to worry about too! Here at Vault 713 we offer a number of different schools and methods of education for your characters, which are all outlined below. Please keep in mind that some schools may only accept students by application rather than birth record like Hogwarts, so please be sure to read the information for each school before creating your student character or assigning them a school that they attended in the past.

Active Schools
These schools are currently available for characters who are both students and staff in all eras except Founders. Please refer to the rosters for information on which characters are currently taken. Founders Era currently only accommodates Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry and the Durmstrang Ale Hall, which is not yet a formal school. You can click on any school name to learn more about it.

  • Beauxbatons Academy
  • Blessed Isis Temple
  • Chicago Academy of Wizardry
  • Durmstrang Institute
  • Hogwarts School
  • Kátorga School System
  • Romanian Spellcasters Institute
  • Smeltings School for Boys (Non-Magical School)

Background Schools
These schools are available for students only for characters who are adults in one other era. As these schools grow in popularity we may choose to open them up for staff as well and move them to our Active Schools line up. Please note that your character’s adult era does not need to be their primary era, you must only intend to play them in another era. This is to assure that all characters have as many roleplaying opportunities as possible, as we cannot guarantee that our background schools will offer enough active characters to post with. Additional background schools may be added in the future

  • Beaumont-Spindletop Boarding Academy, Beaumont, Texas – Students must apply, no birth records are kept
  • Cortés College of Magic, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico – Students are enrolled automatically by birth
  • Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft & Wizardry, Mount Greylock, Massachusetts – Students must be enrolled by a parent
  • Hohenstaufen Institute of Witchcraft, Goppingen, Germany – Students are enrolled automatically by birth
  • Mahoutokoro Academy of Magic, Japan – Students must apply, no birth records are kept
  • Quarrion Quilpie School of Magic, Quilpie, Queensland – Students must be enrolled by a parent
  • Redwood Elemental Institute, Redwood National Forest, California – Students must apply
  • Royal Canadian Academy of Magic, Ottawa, Ontario – Students are enrolled automatically at birth, may also apply.
  • Ruiseñor Institute of Magic, Granada, Spain – Ages 11-17 mandatory, ages 18-21 optional, students must apply
  • Ste-marie-de-la-magique,Quebec City, Quebec – Students must apply
  • Xanadu School, Hexigten Qi, China – Students are enrolled automatically at birth, may also apply.

Homeschool, Muggle School, & No School
As we don’t necessarily know or have outlined what schools are available in different countries across the world, plus some schools do not allow muggleborns, it is entirely possible to create a character who is either homeschooled, attended a muggle school instead of a magical institution, or simply did not attend school at all. Please know that we only recommend this for adult characters who may also be played in the past, since this can severely limit what roleplaying options are available for your character.