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Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Vault 713. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

1. Community Guidelines

    1. All are welcome within our community, regardless of roleplaying experience, race, religion, gender, orientation, or other traits that might differ from those of other players. We consider ourselves to be a family here at Vault 713, and expect all members, guests, and staff to be afforded equal respect. We welcome anyone and everyone above the age of thirteen who has enthusiasm for writing and the Harry Potter series and will not tolerate mistreatment or harassment of other members in any form. We advise members who are experiencing a conflict with another player to avoid contact with the offender and report any such issues to a member of staff immediately. #
    2. Discussion of personal opinions regarding controversial issues, political topics, religious beliefs, and/or subjects brought up purely for the sake of instigating a debate are not permitted. While the Vault 713 staff is appreciative and respectful of all beliefs and opinions, we do ask that discussions addressing these topics focus on facts or an educational perspective rather than personal opinions to avoid unnecessary conflict within the community and to be respectful of others. We also ask that members be respectful of requests made by others to drop or avoid subjects of conversation that may be uncomfortable for some parties involved. #
    3. Intentionally trolling or baiting other players will not be tolerated. Posting content on the forums or in the chatbox with the express purpose of agitating or annoying other players will not be tolerated. This can include, but is not limited to: pressing for debates rather than casual discussion, posting unrelated or off-topic statements in discussion threads, and/or exhibiting rude behavior towards other players because you know it bothers them. Threads or discussions including negative behavior that cannot immediately be identified as intentional trolling will be monitored as necessary. #
    4. The staff is not responsible for issues that occur off site as a result of sharing private information with other Vault 713 members. We encourage our members to practice safe browsing habits and do not recommend sharing personal information with people you do not know. While the choice to share information such as your email address and instant messenger screen names is ultimately up to you, the staff will not and cannot resolve any disputes or issues that occur via instant message, email, or on another website as a result of exchanging personal information on Additionally, we discourage sharing the private contact information of other members without their express permission. #

2. Roleplaying Guidelines

    1. Roleplaying threads featuring sexual content and themes may only include adult characters, must be properly marked, and may not contain sexual violence of any kind. We aim to allow our players with the maximum amount of flexibility while still keeping the site appropriate for those who might happen upon it accidentally. Any threads that are not considered appropriate for ages 13+ must be clearly marked using our Sensitive Content bbcode. Additionally, sexually themed threads between characters under the age of 18, sexual violence of any kind, depictions of rape, and pornographic descriptions are not permitted at any time. #
    2. Threads containing content that may be considered uncomfortable for other players should be marked with a Sensitive Content Notice when possible. It is up to your discretion as to whether you feel a thread requires a content notice, but if one has been added to your thread by the staff it may not be removed. Content notices can be added for threads that include themes of violence, sexual content, drug abuse, or any other theme that you feel other players may want a heads up about. For more information on using the content notice, please click here#
    3. All roleplaying must be posted and written in the designated roleplaying forums, and out of character posts are not permitted in roleplaying stories. We ask that you keep OOC talk in roleplaying threads to a minimum, but feel free to chit-chat about anything in the out of character discussion areas! If you must leave a note in a thread, put it between ooc brackets with the [ ooc ] bbcode. Making individual posts that only contain an [ ooc ] note are likewise not permitted. #
    4. Post content must be your own or include cited sources. The fun of roleplaying comes from exercising ones creativity to tell new and interesting stories involving either original characters or characters from the Harry Potter series. As such, we have a zero tolerance policy regarding plagiarism of any kind, and reserve the right to ask for changes if we find that any content is borrowing too heavily from another player, website, piece of literature, or any other creative media. #
    5. All characters must make at least one in game post per roleplaying season to remain active. We want to assure that all of our records include characters that are actively being played for the convenience of our players in addition to making sure that no key job positions are being held by characters that are not actively in play. Characters that do not post at all for one full roleplaying season (four months) will be made inactive and will need to be reactivated to return to play. Additionally, inactive characters that have not logged in for three full seasons (one year) will be deleted. #

3. Discord Guidelines

    1. The Discord channel should be treated as an extension of the discussion forums where the usual Community Guidelines still apply. In addition to this, we have outlined several guidelines below to help address Discord-specific concerns, but expect that all members will continue to exhibit behavior that is well representative of our community while using this feature. #
    2. The Discord is meant to be a place that is welcoming for all players but cannot serve as a replacement for professional therapy or advice. We understand that many players using Discord to interact with others may be experiencing difficult times in life, uncomfortable feelings, or other situations in which they may wish to seek advice from their peers, but Discord is first and foremost a discussion area for all players, including those who may find such subjects difficult to address or cope with. Players are encouraged to view our Player & Community Self Help Resources if they experience a crisis or are otherwise in need of professional assistance. #
    3. Links shared within Discord must be safe for work and all ages, with any links containing profanity clearly marked as such. Additionally, we ask that players avoid sharing jokes, memes, or content that can be considered inflammatory towards others. While we realize that the Discord is a more relaxed atmosphere, this does not grant license to share inappropriate or unsavory content and such links or commentary will be removed. #
    4. Players are asked to be respectful of ongoing conversations when choosing to participate. If you find that a topic of discussion does not apply to you or is uninteresting, it is not necessary to contribute negative commentary and is generally preferred that you wait for the conversation subject to change or propose another subject to chat about. We also ask that players exhibit courtesy towards others by reading the most recent lines of the Discord before jumping in to gain context for any ongoing discussions. #
    5. If you encounter an issue or concern in the Discord, send a PM to any Vault 713 staff member or use the report feature on the player’s posted profile in the Player Profiles forum. Please take a moment to copy or screenshot the exact text from the Discord channel, or inform us of the specific time and date the discussion took place, so that the staff may address the situation in detail. As referenced in rule CG.1, if you are having a repeated issue with a particular member we do ask that you refrain from interacting with that person in Discord until a staff member is available or until the situation is resolved. #
    6. The server is primarily for members of our forum.Our Discord server has a number of user roles in place that reflect the fact that it is an extension of our forum community, and as such discord users who are not active participants on our forum may find access to certain features or channels is limited. #

4. Image Guidelines

    1. All images must be safe for work and appropriate for viewers of all ages. Many of our members here at Vault 713 browse and post from their school, their place of work, their coffee shop, and around their families. Any images that would be inappropriate in these venues are inappropriate on our forum. Any images depicting pornography or extreme violence will not be tolerated. Avatars in particular should not include any nudity, lingerie, or substance use including tobacco cigars and cigarettes. #
    2. Only still images may be used as forum avatars. As many of our members find animated avatars to be distracting, in addition to being a drain on data limitations, we ask you do not use gifs with motion for avatars. For best results, avatars should be square and at least 200 x 200 pixels in size. #
    3. Excessively large images should be linked to offsite, rather than uploaded directly to the forum or the Discord. We have players from all over the world, including in areas where mobile data is limited. By linking to larger images that are close to wallpaper size or larger rather than embedding them, you’re helping your fellow players be able to spend more time roleplaying! #