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Reporting Problems and Concerns

While we try our best to maintain a peaceful, welcoming atmosphere, we do acknowledge that conflicts may arise from time to time in our community, whether it be between players or rules being broken. We aim to address each player’s concerns directly and as fairly as possible, to the best of our ability. We also aim to treat each conflict as a unique situation that we can assess from an unbiased point of view. To do that, we ask that players “meet us in the middle”. By following certain procedures to make us aware of concerns that may arise while participating in our game and community, our players help us to help them better and more efficiently.

Please note that in most cases if a player has a specific problem it is easier for us to address that issue by receiving a report or message directly from that player, and we may occasionally be unable to address concerns brought to us by a third party. Additionally, we would like to remind players who may have access to off-site contact information to the staff to avoid using those channels to report concerns and instead to use the methods provided below.


All posts and private messages are equipped with a report button shaped like a gear (⚙) that can be used to mark content on the forums that should be brought to the attention of the staff. Reports are addressed in the order they are received, though we aim to handle most reports within 48 hours when possible. When making a report you have the option to receive a notification that the report is closed, which will let you know when we have addressed the issue. If necessary, a private message will be sent afterward to request more information or inform you of the steps that were taken to handle the report.

Below we have listed the options available on the drop down menu for creating a report. When you select one of these options you will see a long box with a label that says “For Reports: If possible, include information to help us with your request.” Please be sure to give us as much information as possible in this box so that we can address the issue as quickly and directly as possible. For possible report options, you may choose from the following:

Against The Rules – A particular post infringes on one of the rules listed in the Site Rules & Guidelines. If you feel that a post is breaking the rules, please try to cite the specific rule that applies to the situation and explain why you believe the rule is being broken. Please note that for the sake of member privacy we may not discuss any penalties given to members who are breaking the rules with the person who reported the post, but you may be notified when the report is addressed.

Posted on Wrong Account – A post was made on a character account when it was intended to be posted with another character. When using this report option, let us know which account the post was supposed to be made on and we will be able to change the account used on the post without it needing to be deleted.

Completed Story – The roleplaying thread being reported has reached a finite, distinct ending and needs to be archived. For more information on reporting completed stories, please read our tutorial for How to Archive Completed Stories.

Fix/Update Links – An announcement or rules sticky contains out of date or broken links to other content and the staff must be alerted that it is broken. When possible, please explain exactly which link(s) in the post will not work and what happens when you try to use those links.

Inactive Profile – A profile in the directory belongs to a character that currently has a grey username and is marked as inactive. Posts reported for this reason will be moved to the appropriate archive forum.

Move Thread – A thread posted by you or another player is clearly in the wrong location, such as in the wrong discussion forum or in the wrong roleplaying era, you can use this report option to have it moved to the correct location. If you have reported a thread as being posted in the wrong location you may still continue to reply to it while waiting for it to be moved.

Random Event – Threads that are becoming stagnant may request a Random Event post to contribute an unpredictable addition to the scene for the characters in it to deal with. This feature can also be used to request that a specific NPC arrive or to add another element requested by one of the players involved.

Sensitive Content – Posts in the thread contain content that may be inappropriate for younger audiences or that may create an uncomfortable situation for the reader, but the thread contains no warning indicating as such. Threads reported for this reason will be given a Sensitive Content Warning in the first post to alert future readers to the circumstances.

Spam Bot – A white account has made a post that is clearly automatic in nature and contains content irrelevant to the thread or section it is in, particularly to advertise another site that may be of an unsavory nature. Reporting posts like these helps us remove them as quickly as possible and address the account before they can cause further concerns


If you encounter a problem or situation that cannot be immediately addressed with the report feature, or if you would like to discuss the issue or explain in more detail, you are welcome to send a private message to any member of the Vault 713 staff. Private messages will be addressed as quickly as possible, though please note it may sometimes be necessary for the staff to confirm that a message is received before being able to confront the actual issue so that the problem can be thoroughly assessed. Typically member concerns are addressed by the staff as a team unless the issue at hand involves another member of the staff, in which case the problem will be escalated to an administrator.

When sending a private message to the staff team please be as thorough as possible and cite links, quotes, and/or screenshots as necessary to illustrate the issue you are having and to better help the staff address it. We realize that sometimes member concerns can be complex, but the more examples you can provide the easier it will be for us to address the problem.

Private messages can be sent to any current Vaultkeeper (dark blue usernames), *Admin Izzy, *Admin Manda, or *Admin Vy. Issues with current Vaultkeepers should be messaged directly to an administrator, and issues with a specific administrator may be sent to the administrator that you feel most comfortable with. You may also send a private message to Vault Staff to address or contact the staff team as a whole, but please be aware that the inbox on this account is checked once a week or less so we do not recommend using this option for urgent concerns.


If you feel that a certain aspect of the Vault could be improved, we encourage you to use our Suggestion Box to let us know. You may use the Suggestion Box to inform us of changes you believe should be made to existing features and rules or to bring our attention to an idea you may have had for a brand new feature or rule that can be added. We accept and welcome suggestions from all players, regardless of how long you have been playing with us, and try our best to evaluate each suggestion to see how it could benefit or be detrimental to our game and community. While we cannot implement all suggestions we remain incredibly enthusiastic about making an effort to do so and will give each suggestion a fair and equal assessment.

Please note that, as the name suggests, we do find that the Suggestion Box works best when actual suggestions are given for how to improve features. While it is helpful for us to know that a certain feature is not working or is unpopular, it is even more helpful to know what we should be doing to make that feature better.