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Using the Owl Post and Owlery FeaturesWe have many different ways to use owl post and communication options so that your character can have a conversation with another when they aren’t in the same place at the same time! View each of our options below, and feel free to use them to stoke your creativity.

★ Sending An Owl
This option is great if you’d like to send just a single owl to another player, and can be done in one of a few ways:

• Create a new thread in your era’s Owlery forum, with “To: / From:” in the title with your characters names. You can also use the @ tagging feature to tag the character you have sent an owl to so they will get a notification. If the character is unavailable for tagging, feel free to tag their OOC account instead.

Tip: You can always spruce up your owl by making the subject read “Tawny Owl for Harry Potter,” or whoever the recipient is, if there’s a specific breed of owl you’d like to send!

• Request a Random Event in a thread with your character – If you want to have an owl sent to your character from an NPC, request it as a Random Event by using the Report button on the post! The owl will then be delivered in the thread.

★ Having an Owl Post Conversation
In addition to just sending an individual owl, you also have the option to carry on a conversation between multiple characters via owl post in whichever way you find to be the most convenient.

• Reply to an owlery thread. – Once a thread is established for two characters sending owls back and forth, you’re welcome to continue sending owls back and forth in that thread. If you want to send an owl to someone else who isn’t in the thread, please start a new owl chain.

• Roleplay the story of each character writing the owls. – If you would like to show how each chracter is reacting to the conversation, feel free to turn it into an entire roleplaying thread in the Fixed Timeline Forums! So long as each post contains a substantial amount of roleplaying in and around the sending of the letter, this is welcome. If you just want to send letters without descriptive text, however, please stick to the Owlery. We will move any threads that seem better fit for the Owlery to the appropriate forum.

★ Other Character Communication
• Roleplay a Floo Network conversation! – If two characters are conversing via the floo network, feel free to play it out in a thread in the fixed timeline forums! The same thing goes for telephone calls in modern eras, if your character should happen to own a telephone. (Though we do remind students that telephones do not work at Hogwarts or other magical schools!)

• Use non-magical communication! – If you are playing a non-magical character in Reformation or Legacy era, feel free to experiment with different forms of communication in the Owlery! You are welcome to send text messages, emails, or other forms of communication instead of the traditional owl post so long as it makes sense for the setting. Likewise, telegrams instead of owls are more than welcome in Victorian, Expedition, Marauder, and Golden Eras, and traditional non-magical postal mail is welcome in all eras except for Founders.