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Freeform Sandbox Roleplaying GuideWelcome to the Sandbox! While our Fixed Timeline Roleplaying forums allow a concrete world, storyline, and time frame for posts, the Sandbox forums allow you to play out whatever you’d like so long as it fits the theme of that forum.

Some concepts or roleplaying ideas you might want to explore in the Sandbox forums include…

  • Discovering a character that does not fit into one of our available character types
  • Playing a canon character that is not available in the Fixed Timeline forums
  • Exploring a “What If?” scenario that you’ve always wondered about
  • Telling stories for Fixed Timeline characters that happened outside of our existing eras
  • Playing out a plot that you haven’t found a home for anywhere else

These are just a few of the ideas you might want to use, but the possibilities for the Sandbox forums are nearly endless and only limited by your imagination! Please note that if you are playing a character previously established in the Fixed Timeline Eras, you do not have to play them in a specific way in the Sandbox. They can behave the same or have different qualities, it’s entirely up to you!

Available Sandbox Forums
★ AU Potterverse Sandbox – Stories in this forum still take place in the setting established by the Harry Potter series, though events, characters, and details of the stories may be different as in an alternate universe such as containing alternate plot lines or endings that occur in the books.

★ Canon Wizarding World Sandbox – Stories in this forum must adhere to the way things were throughout the Harry Potter series and must take place outside of Hogwarts. Original characters may follow whatever path you wish for them even if they are established characters, but no post in this forum may interfere with the canon plot of the series.

★ Crossover Sandbox – Experiment with what would happen when your favorite Harry Potter characters and locations are mixed up with other settings and stories. All threads in this sandbox must feature at least one character from the Harry Potter series or take place in a location specific to the Harry Potter series.

★ Solo Storytelling – Share your Potterverse fanfiction, write a one-off story about a character, or share a memory that your character has. Stories in this forum do not receive Quill rewards. By default, all stories in this forum are open to comments from other players, so you may label threads as either “Complete” or “Work In Progress” or (WIP). You may choose to report a thread as Complete to have it locked so that replies will not be allowed.

Sandbox Rules & Guidelines

  • Threads must be 15+ posts to be reported as Completed, and will earn 1 Quill as a reward.

  • Only OOC accounts may post in the Unstructured Sandbox forums.

  • Crossover Roleplay is only permissible in the Crossover Sandbox, and must include at least one Harry Potter character or take place in a location unique to the Harry Potter series.

  • Threads that are comprised of posts primarily of a sexual nature will be given an initial warning to remove or change the inappropriate content, after which time the thread will be removed if no changes are made.

  • Active players may post as canon character or any character of their own creation, including those that are not active in the fixed timeline forums, though you may not post as any original character belonging to another player.

  • Have fun! If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the Help Desk.