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Vault Events

Periodically, Vault Events will be hosted in each era to help further a board-wide plot, bring characters from across the world together, or to celebrate an important occasion. In the past, events have been held for key book events such as the Battle of Hogwarts, character events such as weddings, and “for fun” events such as a Quidditch draft. Events may vary in nature or purpose, but all share the same fundamental aspects, which are outlined below.

Event Basics

★ All events will be announced at least one week before they begin.

★ Characters who can realistically be found at the event are welcome to participate. If you are uncertain if your character can participate after reading the rules for that event, please feel free to leave a question in the Help Desk.

★Players can participate in events either by joining in the Random Event threads or by starting their own thread. Each event will have it’s own unique instructions and guidelines for how the event should be played out.

★Stories created as a part of Special Events are worth more quills than regular timeline threads, so long as they were started during the event period, are clearly marked, and clearly take place at or during the event in question.

Participation & Event Length

★Events typically last for 3 weeks, but can last longer if necessary. Changes to event dates will be listed in the Bulletin Board.

Current Status: Starting means that the event has just begun. This phase typically lasts for one week, and allows ample time for players to read the instructions or overview of an event and ask questions about whether or not their characters can participate. Players can still join in the event even after the Starting phase has finished.

Current Status: In Progress means that the bulk of the event is currently ongoing and that the staff is in the process of posting updates and pushing the story forward. This phase typically lasts for 1-2 weeks, depending on the event, but may be extended.

Current Status: Ending means that the official posts for the event have concluded. This phase will always last for one week in order to allow players time to wrap up their own character involvement in an event, and posting is still welcome and encouraged during this time. Once this phase has completed, players can still participate in threads set during the event but they will not be considered for any event participation recognition or rewards.

Creating An Event

★Players wishing to create an event of their own should first visit the Fixed Timeline Classifieds and create a listing for the event they would like to host.

★If at least three players respond stating that they are interested in participating in the event, you can use the report button and choose “Other”. You will receive a PM from an administrator to help outline your event.

★A fee of 30 Quills will be deducted as an event hosting fee, which can be paid from one member or several. If you wish to have random events by throughout, the fee will instead be 50 Quills.

★If you do not receive suitable responses to your event, you are welcome to play it out on your own without random events, double quills or staff assistance. Staff run events, even those created by members, will also be accompanied by news, owls, and rumors related to the event.

★Please note that events must be announced a full week before they will take place. In the case of member-created events, classified threads must be reported at least 3 weeks before the chosen event starting date.

★Unless created as a part of a donation reward or special promotion, individual players may not host more than one event per season, however they can sponsor unlimited events by replying in the classifieds and expressing interest.

Hosting an Event

Special events can be a fun and exciting way to highlight a particular point in a plot, get to know some new players, and hopefully introduce some exciting twists and turns for your character. Because these events involve a little more than just starting up a thread, we have some limits and requirements for how they can be hosted, how often, and what kind of work will be involved in order to keep things fair for all players.

If you are not interested in hosting an event of your own but have an idea for a staff-run event, please submit it to the Suggestion Box.

Events Overview
All special events will last for three weeks and there can only be one event per era running at any given time. If another player has an event scheduled at the time you would like yours, you will need to choose another era to host your event in or choose a different date. Please keep in mind that the three week length is set due to the way events work, and that those of you who would prefer to do things on a faster or slower scale may wish to keep this in mind while coming up with your event.

There will be a 30 Quill fee to rent the special events forum in a particular era, which may come from both OOC and IC accounts. Multiple players may contribute to the fee, but there must be a single player designated as the host of the event. If you wish for the staff to run the event with Random Event posts to move the story forward, the fee will instead be 50 Quills.

Vault Events can come in many forms, but in the past have consisted of:

  • Weddings
  • Holiday Parties
  • Festivals or other public events
  • Large scale battles

As these events will be hosted on a large scale, they must be open to all members of Vault 713. We understand that not all events will be appropriate for all characters, but each event must have a wide group of character types that would be able to participate.

Events must be requested at least three weeks in advance and must take place during the regular RP season for each era. You should have an overview of your event ready when you submit your request, including the information listed below.

Requesting An Event
At least three weeks before the event you would like to host, fill out the information below and send it as a PM to *Admin Vy.

Event Era:
Staff Run: (If you will be handling the event or if you wish for the staff to run the event to keep things moving forward)
In Game Date: (What date the event will take place on according to our timeline)
Preferred Event Dates: (Should be a 3 week period)
Backup Event Dates: (If the dates you want are not available)
Event Overview: (A few sentences of what your event will be like)
Possible Attendees: (At least three groups of characters who could attend. i.e. Hogwarts Class of 1992, Ministry Employees, etc)
Location Forums: (Please list 4-6 locations for threads to take place. i.e. dining hall, garden, bar. For each one, please off a brief description of any specific decor, activities, or features)

Before the event can go live, you will also need to include enough information to build the rules & information sticky for the event forum. If you have this information prepared at the time you request your event, things will go much smoother and you will be better prepared for your event!

Promoting Events
In the case of member run events, it is your responsibility to promote and draw attention to your event. You can do this by submitting to the Fixed Timeline Classifieds, writing up a post for an upcoming news publication, mentioning your event in the #Players-Wanted channel in Discord, and so on. You can also browse Player Profiles, Character Profiles, or the Rosters to locate players who might be interested in participating. The Vault Staff will include the event on our calendar below.

Have questions about hosting an event? Feel free to visit the Help Desk