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Creating Your Own Business
Even though the Business Directory has a wide variety of places that your character can work, it can be fun to make your own mark on the wizarding world and create a business all of your own. Because of the work involved in setting these up, to assure that businesses are fair and well suited to canon, and to assure that all businesses are being run by active players, we hold submissions for new businesses four times a year. New businesses will be added to the Business Directory and given a tag. If you have an idea for a business but do not wish for your character to own it, you can always submit to the Suggestion Box to let us know what sorts of businesses you would like to see.



Business Creation Requirements
★25 completed stories depicting your character working in the field they wish to create their business in or working toward establishing and forming their business.
★A Skill Certification of at least adept level in a field related to your business. Businesses that do not have any relevant skill certifications to apply for may require 5 additional threads of your character working in their desired field, for a total of 30 threads.
★A business registration fee of 30 Quills.
★A description of 200-500 words explaining the business, what it does, positions available, and the location(s). You may be asked for additional descriptive information once your business is approved.
★A note on when your business was founded and which eras it will be active in.
★A name for your business that is no more than 30 characters long.

Remember: Businesses are more likely to be approved if they are in locations that we do not have a lot of businesses already, or if they are types of businesses that we do not have a lot of already. This does not mean that redundant businesses will be denied, but we suggest taking a look at the Business Directory and getting a good idea of what kind of business and location will be best. Remember, wizards have many different forms of transportation, so traveling to an unconventional location isn’t impossible!
How do I complete threads related to my business?
Part of the requirement to create your own business is to complete threads in the field of work that your business will be in or involving your character preparing to create their own business. While this may seem like a daunting task at first, we believe that it can be not only a fairly simple task but something that is fun to do as you explore your character’s career! If you have not done so already, the best way to complete these threads is to visit the Account Update Request and have your character apply for a job at a business similar to the one they would like to open, or one that will at least help them on their way.This way you can complete these threads while doing your usual threads of having your character working at their job.

Below you will find some suggestions for how to complete these stories if you are feeling stuck. Feel free to use the Member Classifieds to look for other players to help you complete them as well!

Ideas for Completed Stories at work
★A problem has arisen on the job, and your character needs to address and solve it
★A customer or client has arrived and your character needs to assist them
★The manager has left for the afternoon and temporarily put your character in charge
★Opening up the business and preparing for the day
★Closing up the business after a long day on the job
★Running an errand or making a delivery for a customer or client

Ideas for Completed Stories related to forming a business
★Visiting the Ministry of Magic to requisition the appropriate permits and paperwork
★Performing research related to creating a business or the field the business is in
★Meeting with a realtor to look for an appropriate location for the business headquarters
★Interviewing potential employees to establish a staff for the business
★Drawing up plans for how the business will operate
★Meeting with an investor to try and gain funding for the business