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Character Creation & Management

At Vault 713 all players start with one character when they first join our game but are able to make more characters once they have been with us for a short period of time. This guide covers the rules for character creation here at Vault 713 along with information on how to create additional characters and what do do with unwanted characters. If you are looking for detailed information on how to create your first character, please refer to our New Player Handbook for a comprehensive guide to getting started at the Vault.

Character Creation Guidelines
All players are expected to adhere to the following guidelines when creating a character. Please note that individual businesses and character types may have their own specific requirements as well, and all players are expected to read over the appropriate information before posting their character sheet.

CC.1 • No character may be directly representative of any real person living or dead, or a character from any non-Harry Potter media. The staff reserves the right to ask for alterations to a character at any time before, during, or after the character creation process if it has been brought to our attention that they are too similar to any real person or a character from any other media. Additionally, we discourage the use of avatar images that share a real name, character name, or unique personality with the character they are being used to represent.

CC.2 • Original characters that are related to canon characters, either through birth or marriage, are not permitted. In addition, we also request that all relationships—whether friendly, antagonistic, or romantic—between canon and original characters be established in game rather than in a character backstory, as a canon character may have several different players over the course of your time at Vault 713. Parents of known canon characters are considered canon characters themselves and may be available for play.

CC.3 • Adult characters must choose an employer from the Business Directory unless the character is unemployed or choosing a character type that may create their own business. Please visit the Business Directory for all available employers, and the Character Types Guide for additional information on career options for each character type. Players wishing to create their own business must do so when the appropriate business creation period opens up each season, otherwise businesses such as the Constellation Plaza Mall and Schwarzwald Market allow for characters to own their own small shop or stall without having to go through the usual business creation process. If you have a career in mind for your character and need assistance in choosing an employer for them, please visit the Help Desk.

CC.4 • Student characters will be sorted by the Sorting Hat and are not permitted to choose their own house. Houses will be chosen from the traits exhibited by a character in their character sheet for students of Blessed Isis Temple and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and any references to a specific house will need to be removed before the sorting process can be completed. Adult Characters may list specific houses for previous eras, and Canon Characters with unknown houses may either choose a house or have one selected for them at the player’s discretion.

CC.5 • Original characters may not join special factions such as the Death Eaters, Order of the Phoenix, School Prefect Club, and/or Quidditch Club until after character creation is complete. In order to allow all players fair access to these factions, an open call for sign-ups will be held at the beginning of each roleplaying season for any players interested in having their characters be a part of these groups. Any characters listing groups or activities that require participating in the sign-up period in their initial character sheet will be asked to remove them.

Creating Multiple CharactersAll players are permitted to have as many active characters as they wish as long as the appropriate conditions are met for creating each new character, which are outlined below. Please note that this section of the guide may use some unfamiliar terms for new players, so you may wish to read the “Roleplaying Seasons” and “Starter Quills” sections of the New Player Handbook before proceeding.

New characters may be created at any time during the roleplaying season except for one week prior to the season’s end and occasionally at the beginning of each season, in which case the dates that character creation is not available will be announced in the Bulletin Board. Characters can be made using one of three techniques listed below:

Free Season Character – For every roleplaying season following your first one you are allowed to create one character, no strings attached, so long as that character follows the character creation guidelines. These characters do not stack, so if you fail to claim your Free Season Character during a particular season you cannot claim two in the next season. To claim this character, put “Free Season Character” in the Quills Account section of your character sheet.

Spending Quills – If you have already claimed your Free Season Character, you may spend 25 Quills to create a new character at any time during the season, with no limit so long as you have the appropriate Quills. To create a new character you can use Quills from any of your own character accounts, including inactive characters, or from your OOC Account and may combine Quills from up to five accounts to reach the total of fifteen. These accounts should be listed under the Quills Account section of your character sheet.

Special Rewards – Occasionally we will announce special promotions for players to be able to create characters without using one of the methods listed above. These promotions are typically announced in the Bulletin Board, so players interested in participating should frequently keep up with announcements to be aware of any promotions that are scheduled to take place.

Inactive CharactersAny Character Account that does not make at least one in-character post in a season will be made inactive. The following guidelines apply to Inactive Characters.

Players must wait one month from the date of inactivity to reactivate a character. Characters are made inactive at the end of the roleplaying season. Players must wait until one month from the last day of the previous season to reactive any Inactive Characters.

Players will be charged 25 Quills to reactivate an Inactive Character. You can use Quills from any of your own character accounts, including inactive characters, or from your OOC Account and may combine Quills from up to five accounts to reach the total of twenty-five.

To reactivate an Inactive Character, you must post a new topic in the Character Workshop using the Traditional Character Sheet format. Reactivation will not be approved if the incorrect Character Sheet is used.

The information provided in the Character Sheet should be similar to those provided when you first created the character. You may not use Character Reactivation to change the Character Type. You may change the character’s job but you may only select from positions on the Job Board. The selected job must be from same level as the character’s previous job.

Players are allowed ten (10) Inactive Characters at a time. Any characters in excess of the ten character limit will be deleted. You may use the Account Update Request form to Drop an Inactive Character at any time. Characters that are inactive for two consecutive seasons will be deleted.

Retired CharactersPlayers are allowed to Retire any Active Character at any point during the ropleplaying season. The following guidelines apply to Retired Characters.

You must use the Account Update Request to retire a character. Only requests submitted before the official end of the roleplaying season will be completed. Once retired, a character may not come out of retirement until the next roleplaying season. You can not retire a Canon Character.

Bringing a character out of retirement (restoring Active Character status) will cost 10 Quills. To request a character be taken out of retirement, you must use the Account Update Request. You can use Quills from any of your own character accounts, including Inactive Characters, or from your OOC Account and may combine Quills from up to three accounts to reach the total of ten.

A character that is brought of retirement will be given the same job as they previously held. If the position is not available, you may choose an identical position at another business via the job from the Job Board. Characters holding superior positions are not guaranteed to receive the same position upon returning to Active Character status.

Retired Characters will not be deleted as long as your OOC account remains active.