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Once you’ve established your character, it can be fun to see where their career will take them as they grow and gain experiences in the Wizarding World! Below we’ve outlined a few of your options for taking your character to the next level once you’ve been roleplaying for awhile and want to explore a different or more in depth path for them. You are always welcome to bring any questions you have about these features to the Help Desk as well, where we’ll be glad to lend a hand!

Become An Expert in a Field
If your character is particularly skilled at Herbology, Potions, or some other field of knowledge, they can apply for a Skill Certification to show everyone just how much they know. This can be done through a series of story prompts and challenges that can be played out in game to illustrate that your character has really gone above and beyond in their pursuit of knowledge in a particular field, starting with just five completed stories for the first level of the skill.

Once your character begins to collect Skill Certifications, they can be used for things like…

• Applying for a new, better job that focuses on or uses the skills they have
• Becoming a teacher at a school to share their knowledge with others
• Opening a business of their very own to put their skill to good use
• Joining elite groups such as the Wizarding Expedition Society
• Kicking off new adventures available only to witches and wizards with that particular skill

You can have your character apply for a Skill Certification at any time by visiting the Story Starters forum.

Earn a Promotion
Once you have been playing your character for awhile, it can be fun to apply for a Promotion to move them up in the ranks and even work toward taking over the business they work for… if the situation applies. While characters can choose to apply for a new job at the same level or below their current one at any time, we also offer the following options for promotions:

Interns – Characters who play out a six or twelve month internship may apply to be hired on to the company they were an intern for after six months of activity. They must have at least 3 threads taking place at their internship and at least one full season of activity to be promoted.

Trainee Positions
 – Characters who are training as an Auror or another position that requires 1-3 years of training may fill out the Account Update Request form at any time to let us know that your character has moved up a year, so long as they have been active for the requisite amount of time. You must have three completed stories as a trainee to request the promotion to a full employee in these cases.

Entry Level or Non-Management Jobs – Characters who are not working as a manager in another leadership position may apply to move up to the next tier of their job, for example if your character is a cashier at a store they could move up to a shift manager position, or a shift manager could move up to store manager. These promotions require ten completed stories at the character’s place of employment and you must wait two full seasons between promotions.

Top-Level Management Positions – If you would like your character to be promoted to the highest tier of management for their job, such as Headmaster, Department Head, or Store Manager, you must wait one full year after your last promotion and have a total of twenty five completed stories at the character’s place of employment. You may not be promoted to Company Owner at this time.

You can have your character apply for a Promotion at any time by filling out the Account Update Request form.

Create Your Own Business
Eventually you may find that you’ve reached the top of the ladder and there’s nowhere else for your character to go… except for starting their own business, of course! It takes a bit of hard work—you’ll need 30 Quills and a pile of completed stories to start breaking ground on your new shop or establishment, but for the player who really wants to make a lasting impact on the story of the Vault with a character who already has many career accomplishments this can be a great option to take your story to the next level.

Business Creation is open four times a year, at the beginning of each season, so if you don’t meet the requirements during one season you’ll almost certainly be able to prepare for the following season. Remember, business creation is meant to be a long term goal, so don’t feel discouraged if it takes you more than one season to get there!

You can read about new businesses at any time by visiting the Creating Your Own Business overview.