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Account Types

Not sure what the different colors mean on the forum index, or want to know how to get your account into a specific group? This guide will outline all of our different account types and the requirements for each one. Most account types are automatically assigned, but some types can be applied for, such as Ambassadors and staff positions.

When an account is first created, it remains white until the player posts in either the Meet & Greet forum or the Create a Character forum, to let us know whether or not it is an OOC or Character Account. Until your account is marked as an OOC or Character Account, you may not be able to use certain features on the forum.

OOC Accounts
Out Of Character Accounts are personalized for players and are a way to represent yourself as a player on Vault 713. All PMs are sent to a player’s OOC account as well as Quills earned through various challenges. Quills earned through roleplay are still sent to individual character accounts. These account names appear green and remain active until a player has not logged in for more than one year or if all of their characters go inactive. OOC Accounts may use whatever name you would like so long as it does not contain profanity and does not look like a Canon Character account name.

Players may have only one OOC Account.

Inactive Players
Inactive Players are those who have not logged in for at least one year, or players who no longer have any active characters. These accounts are never deleted, but are changed to a light green color to help other players recognize that they are no longer active and to assist with staff organization. Inactive Players still have access to post in the OOC forums or create new characters, and any Inactive Player who resumes posting in discussions and/or creates a character will be marked as an active OOC Account as soon as possible.

Players may have only one OOC Account.

Active Characters
Active Characters have gone through the sorting process and have been given tags that are used to tell players what the character’s school or profession is in the eras they are playing in. These accounts can post in most areas of the forum except for OOC discussions, and are welcome to roleplay in any era that their character will be alive in even if that era was not mentioned during the character creation process. These accounts are red and remain active so long as the character has at least one post throughout the season, unless the player chooses to retire or drop the character. Please note that character accounts can receive private messages but are not able to send them.

Characters that do not post at least once during the season will be marked as Inactive. They can be brought back by using the Reactivation Center forum, or can be dropped if the player chooses. Active Characters can also be retired at any time, which will move them to the Inactive Character group until the player is ready to play them again.

Inactive and Retired Characters
Inactive Characters have not been posted on for a full season, and are marked as such to avoid key positions in jobs from being taken by characters that are not actually posting and also to help keep rosters and lists of characters available to play with as accurate as possible. These characters are marked as grey and remain on the forum and accessible until they have not been logged in to for two full seasons, or until such time as the account is reactivated. Quills on inactive accounts can still be used for character creation.

Players may have up to ten (10) Inactive Characters.

Players can also choose to retire their characters at any time. Retired characters are functionally similar to inactive characters and appear the same way one the forums, but can be marked this way at the request of the player at any time and will never be removed the forums unless the player’s OOC account becomes inactive.

To learn more about the process of returning Inactive and Retired Characters to Active Character status, read the Character Creation & Management Guide.

Events and NPCs
Occasionally you may see a post from a blue username, such as Random Event. These accounts are used by Vaultkeepers and Administrators for a variety of reasons, usually to add a little special something to a thread to keep players on their toes or to host a special event. When these posts occur in regular roleplaying threads they may be ignored or you may choose to incorporate them into your posts. Blue Posts occurring during special events may not be ignored, and are used to help facilitate the event.

If you feel that your thread is getting stale or you need some more inspiration to complete it, you may use the report feature on the last post in that thread to request that a Random Event be posted. You are also welcome to use this feature to request that a specific NPC show up by surprise. Please note that once a Random Event posts in a regular roleplaying thread the account will not return unless a report is specifically made to request another blue post.


Community Ambassadors who have served for at least one season and who have gone above and beyond to assist with projects while positively representing the community may apply to be Vaultkeepers, which are the Global Moderators of the Vault. Vaultkeepers remain on staff until they choose to step down, or until such time as they are no longer able to fulfill their duties. These staff members help with the behind the scenes upkeep of the forum, such as completing the following tasks:

• Sorting new character accounts and making sure that each new character is ready for play.

• Archiving completed stories and distributing rewards to participating players.

• Formatting and posting member submissions for Owl Post, News Publications, and Rumors.

• Answering member questions and overseeing reported threads.

Staff duties may vary but require daily activity and input, including participation in special projects and preparation at the end and beginning of every season, particularly during Start of Term. If you have a question or concern or need help with something on the Vault, the Vaultkeepers are the ones that you want to go to!

Vaultkeeper applications are addressed at the end of every season.


Vault 713 typically keeps a staff of 3-4 Administrators who take care of the technical aspects of the site and oversee the activities of the Vaultkeepers. Administrative duties vary, but typically involve scheduling, addressing escalated member concerns, editing the website, maintaining the forum software, revising rules, planning special events and content releases, and more. Administrators are former Vaultkeepers who exhibited exemplary dedication to the community over the course of multiple years and who were available to commit to the workload when a position became available.

Currently, Vault 713 has four Administrators:

Admin Manda is the primary Administrator who has been running the site since 2001.

Admin Izzy has been a member since 2011 and joined the Administrator team in 2018.

Admin Vy has been a member since 2014 and served as a Vaultkeeper for just over a year prior to becoming an Administrator in 2019.

Admin Nick has been a member since 2001.

We also keep an account for Admin OZ, a technical volunteer who occasionally assists with upgrades to forum software.

As Administrator positions are limited, these are filled on an as-needed basis from the pool of current Vaultkeepers at the time that a position becomes available, or at such a time as it is deemed necessary to add another position to the administrative team.