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Vault 713 Character Creation Guide

Ready to create your first character? Perfect! This guide will tell you everything you need to know, from start to finish. Once you create your first character you may find it easier to copy the character sheet templates directly from the forum, but we do expect all players to know and understand the character creation process before creating any new character, whether it’s your first or twenty-first!

Please note that characters have different activity requirements based on the type of character. Casual Play Characters have no individual activity requirements; however, if a player is inactive for more than a year, their Casual Play Characters may be removed. Verified Original Characters must post at least once a year, or they will be reverted Casual Play Characters. Supporting Canon Characters must make at least one post per season or they be made available for other players to claim. Main Canon Characters must make at least one post per month.

Character Account Types

We offer a variety of ways for you to play your character depending on the level of commitment that works best for you!

Casual Play Characters

  • Default option for all Original Characters
  • Can be created at any time for no cost
  • Can post in any roleplay section
  • Character sheet can be edited as needed if you change your mind about some aspect of the character
  • May not hold unique job positions (such as Minister for Magic, Editor-in-Chief, School Headmaster, etc.)
  • May not be Canon Characters
  • Cannot earn Skill Certifications or Special Abilities
  • Cannot create a business
  • Does not earn Quills
  • May be deleted after 1 year if the player has not otherwise been active

Verified Timeline Characters

  • Can be verified immediately after creation or at any point after creation
  • Players may verify one character per month at no cost; additional verifications cost 15 Quills per character
  • Can participate in era-specific special events
  • Can hold unique job positions (such as Minister for Magic, Editor-in-Chief, School Headmaster, etc.)
  • Can earn Skill Certifications and Special Abilities
  • Can create businesses to add to the Business Directory
  • Can earn Quills for posting
  • Can be selected as a featured character during spotlight events
  • Must post at least once a year or may be reverted to Casual Play Characters

Additional Limits for Canon Characters

  • In order to preserve a fair playing field, all players are limited to one Main Canon Character at any given time. We encourage players who wish to play multiple Main Canon Characters to explore doing so in the Sandbox roleplaying forums.
  • There is no limit to the number of Supporting Canon Characters that can be played by any one member, but the Vault 713 staff reserves the right to restrict canon character creation for players who are repeatedly failing to meet canon activity requirements. 

  • Any player who is found to be portraying a canon character in a way that is contradictory to the Harry Potter series canon or the general rules and guidelines of Vault 713 will be issued one (1) warning explaining the issue and what needs to be corrected. If the issue is not adequately addressed, the Vault 713 staff reserves the right to remove the character from play and make it available to other players.

Character Creation Process

Creating a character at Vault 713 is very similar to the process on other play-by-post roleplaying forums or on tabletop roleplaying games, but if you’ve never played either style of roleplaying before we still feel you’ll find the process relatively simple and easy to understand. If at any point you have any questions, feel free to jump in to the #help channel on Discord or use the Help Desk section on the forums. (Guests are welcome to post here without registering, too!)

Step 1: Familiarize yourself with the forum rules, guidelines, and setting.

Step 2: Create Your Character!

In order to post your character, you will need to fill out a character sheet, which can be found in the Character Sheet Templates thread on the forums. We have three character sheets available, so you can choose the one that best fits your style. The Traditional/Questions format allows you to answer questions about your character to help get your inspiration flowing, the Detailed format follows the retro “fillable form” character application format, and the Freeform character sheet format allows you to establish your character in the way you best see fit.

Required Resources

  • Character Sheet Templates – You will need to fill out a character sheet to be able to play your character
  • Business Directory – If your character is magical (such as a witch or wizard) and employed, you will need to choose their employer

Recommended Resources

  • Canon Character Availability List – If you intend to play a Canon Character, use this to see if they are available for play
  • Business Directory Rosters – This listing can help you see who is employed at each business and if the position you want is available
  • Wanted Character Classifieds – If you would like to play a character someone else has created you can view them here
  • Character Sheet Workshop – Want some feedback on your character before you commit? Share your work in progress in this forum along with your questions or concerns and see what advice our friendly members have to offer!

Step 3: Post your character sheet!

Once you have finished writing your character sheet, post it up in the Create A New Character forum – in your subject, please declare if it is an Original Character, Main Canon, or Supporting Canon. Your character will be activated within 24 hours, and then you will be ready to post! If you are posting a Canon Character, you will need to proceed to Step 4 before the account is activated. We do not support Casual Play Canon Characters at this time.

Optional Step 4: Verify your character!

Verified Characters receive a number of benefits that Casual Play Characters do not. If you would like to verify your character, report your character sheet and choose the Verify My Character! option. A Vaultkeeper will be around within 48 hours to review your request.

Canon Characters must be verified before they can be activated.

Hooray! You’ve created your character!

Congratulations! Now that you’ve created your character and are ready to play, you’re welcome to jump into the Fixed Timeline Roleplaying sections as soon as you’re ready. Remember, the timelines are fixed, so time travel is not possible. You are only permitted to play in eras in which your character would be alive, and you must play them at the age they would be in that specific era.

To help you get into the game, here are a few final resources to assist with the process of acclimating into the game and the community: