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Jan 28, 2020 | TerrorTours Tuesday

TerrorTours Tuesday: Navigating the Great White North

Look for the Inukshuk to guide you home!  From the remote Yukon Outpost to the many small communities filled with artists and sculptors and the beauty of the Northern Lights, the Canadian Arctic is a great travel destination for your next work or holiday venture through TerrorTours!  Wizarding Expedition Society explorers will delight in the vast land rich with things to discover including the ancient history of the northern peoples, and tourists will enjoy Inuit hospitality and the chance to experience life on the land whether in the bustling city of Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories or the more remote hamlets of Nunavut.  Read on for more information on how to plan your next TerrorTours adventure and come join us in saying Ublaakut to the North!

Magic In The North

Inuit magic users in the north are known as Sila-Gifted.  Most Sila-Gifted have two options for schooling: those from the cities will go south to the Royal Canadian Academy of Magic in Ontario or St-marie-de-la-magie in Quebec.  Sila-Gifted from more remote communities, however, will stay at home at learn magic from their family. Magic is generally kept close to families, without becoming common knowledge within the community.  Most Sila-Gifted never use a wand, although sometimes a narwhal or walrus tusk will be used. Soapstone and mudstone, as well as caribou antlers and narwhal and walrus tusks can be carved into magical artifacts too.

Inuit magic focuses on utility and spirituality above all else.  Spells tend to be longer, and are murmured rather than shouted, and more focus is placed on using artifacts than casting spells.  There is also a higher concentration of animagi in the north, with many animagi taking the form of a caribou, a seal, a polar bear, or a snowy owl.


In the cities (Iqaluit, Yellowknife, and Whitehorse), magic is used similarly to how it is in the south.  Also in the North is the Yukon Outpost, a station of the Wizarding Expedition Society that focuses on cultural anthropology and researching the peoples of the North.

Getting There

Despite the extreme cold weather, the North is a popular destination for TerrorTour travelers thanks to the prevalence of the Northern Lights.  Thus, there are transportation options available for those looking to travel for both business and pleasure.

SorcerAir Magical Airways – All flights to the North pass through either Yellowknife, Whitehorse, or Iqaluit before moving on to the more remote communities.  Flights depart once a day from multiple locations around the globe.

The Floo Network and Apparation is also available for those with the appropriate permits.


Tour packages are available directly through TerrorTours, or one of our travel agents is happy to assist you with planning your own independent or company travel. We are proud partners of the Wizarding Expedition Society and Magical Artisans Guild and pride ourselves on our ability to get the magical world’s finest creators and explorers where they need to go.


The North is a prime location for people looking to hunt or fish, so long as they have the proper permits. Travelers are encouraged to be aware of dangerous beings, including the Mahaha, the Ijiraat, the Amarok, the Taqriaqsuit, the Qalupalik, and the Inupasugjuk.


There have been reports of blizzards rolling in without warning, surprising unsuspecting tourists and creating hazards for those who might be caught out in the storm where there may be extreme temperatures and little to no visibility.

Roleplaying in the North

Thread Ideas

Attend a drum dance in Iqaluit

Spend the night on the land at a campsite

Visit a traditional fishing weir

Buy a carving from a local artist

View the Northern Lights in Yellowknife



Additional Resources

Need more ideas? Check out this list of outdoor activities in Northern Canada! This is an offsite link that will take you away from

Don’t forget that witches and wizards have access to all of the same transportation resources as non-magical people and more! Your character could visit the arctic for a few weeks, a few days, or even a few hours! Feel free to get creative!

This installment of TerrorTours Tuesday was written by TyrellRose, who currently lives in a native community above the Arctic Circle.