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Jan 7, 2020 | TerrorTours Tuesday

TerrorTours Tuesday: Jetsetting to Japan!

From the mysteries of Mahoutokoro School of Magic to the hundreds of thousands of temples scattered across the country, Japan is the perfect destination for your next work or holiday venture through TerrorTours! Crafters and hopeful applicants to the Wizarding Expedition Society will find plenty of culture to steep themselves in, whether you prefer to engulf yourself in the history of the spirits of Kyoto or the bustling streets of Tokyo. Read on for more information on how to plan your next TerrorTours adventure and come join us in saying konnichiwa to Japan!

Magic In Japan

Native Japanese witches and wizards attend a school called Mahoutokoro, with a very different structure to that in the United Kingdom. Among these magical folk, wands and magical items made of cherry wood are of great importance, as are tokens and items made of jade, which comes in many different colors.

Japanese witches and wizards may participate in small, innocuous acts of magic often referred to by English speakers as prestidigitation. Though they may not violate the international statute of secrecy, these small magical acts may be cast with or without a wand in the presence of non-magical folk only if it can be done so without being seen. Some examples of prestidigitation include locking and unlocking doors and performing small warming spells on food.

Getting There

As Japan is a popular destination for TerrorTours travelers, many transportation options are available for those looking to travel for both business and pleasure.

SorcerAir Magical Airways
Flights depart almost hourly from multiple locations around the globe, with popular non-stop routes departing from Chicago, London, and Paris.

Magical Railway Association
For those looking to apparate across borders or travel from continental Eurasia, the International Magical Railway offers ample services to Japan and also once you arrive for traveling throughout the country. Apparation is, of course, always welcome for those with the appropriate permit.

Tour packages are available directly through TerrorTours, or one of our travel agents is happy to assist you with planning your own independent or company travel. We are proud partners of the Wizarding Expedition Society and Magical Artisans Guild and pride ourselves on our ability to get the magical world’s finest creators and explorers where they need to go.


Japan is home to a number of unique magical creatures not found anywhere else in the world, and travelers are encouraged to be particularly aware of the presence of kappa and oni. 


Additionally, there have been occasional reports of dark magic organizations that may aim to pray on tourists.

Roleplaying in Japan

Visit A Local Business

Kameoasa Harajuku Boutique


Thread Ideas

Attend a business meeting in Tokyo

Explore a bamboo forest to look for mythical creatures

Visit a shrine in Kyoto

Track down a lost Owl Order package

Attend a Qudditch Match or Broom Race


Additional Resources

Need more ideas? Visit Atlas Obscura’s list of 293 Cool, Hidden and Unusual things to do in Japan. This is an offsite link that will take you away from

Don’t forget that witches and wizards have access to all of the same transportation resources as non-magical people and more! Your character could visit Japan for a few weeks, a few days, or even a few hours! Feel free to get creative!