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Welcome to the Egyptian Ministry of Magic!  One of the world’s oldest governments, the Egyptian Ministry was formally organized in the late 1600’s, though for centuries there had been an informal organization that worked to protect magical society in Egypt.  This Ministry differs from others in its focus on preservation of ancient Egyptian culture, history, and in tracking the country’s long forgotten treasures to make sure they do not fall in the wrong hands.

Job Ideas: Auror, Ministry Explorer, Historic Text Interpreter, Curse Breaker

Active Eras: Expedition, Marauder, Golden, Reformation, & Legacy Eras

“It’s amazing here in Egypt. Bill’s taken us around all the tombs and you wouldn’t believe the curses those old Egyptian wizards put on them”

– Ron Weasley, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

The Egyptian Ministry of Magic occupies a dilapidated temple just south of the Valley of Kings that is often covered up by timely sandstorms whenever non-magical archaeologists draw near. But once the dust clears and witches and wizards walk up the broad stone steps. they enter a colorful temple that pays homage to the ancient Egyptian style. Various statues and wall paintings of the Egyptian god Ptah line the hallways to commemorate the builders who erected the temple.

The temple does not have floors like other Ministries around the world. Instead, it continues along one floor that stretches out into wings. This is how the Egyptian Ministry organizes its departments. Intrepid employees and visitors may walk to the various departments across the temple, but others prefer ease and travel via magic carpets that fly overhead. Some even use rune circles if flight makes them queasy.

Preserving Ancient Egypt

Egypt is steeped in a rich history and pantheon that a majority of Egyptians still follow today. It’s not uncommon to find statues and altars to certain Egyptian gods and goddesses in modern magical Egyptian homes. The Egyptian Ministry of Magic recognizes this history as a lot of the magic used in the country and around northern Africa originated from the ancient Egyptians. They enjoyed collecting and preserving historic magical artifacts from pharaohs’ tombs until a non-magical expedition in the 1920s unveiled one of the most respected tombs to the non-magical world.

Now preserving ancient artifacts has become of the utmost importance to the Egyptian Ministry of Magic between the non-magical community continuing to dig into tombs and Amoud’s Artefacts Warehouse’s purportedly illegal means of obtaining their wares. Special retrieval squads are dispatched from the Ministry to plotted tombs to secure magical items that have a range of uses, some for good and some for dark magic.

The Egyptian Ministry of Magic also tries its best to work with other Ministries to have their artifacts return. Because of this, they work mostly with the British Ministry to obtain ancient Egyptian belongings that might have been passed down from family to family. They also conduct investigations into shops such as Dervish & Banges and Borgin and Burkes to make sure that any acquisitions were legally sold instead of being obtained through a grave robber.

Magical Egyptians pride themselves in the overwhelming contributions their ancestors made to the magical community overall. The Egyptian Ministry of Magic makes sure that that pride stays in tact and that their magical community is not discovered by the non-magical world.

Golden Era Egyptian Ministry of Magic Characters (1)

Ethiopian Ambassador
Ebitimi Iyasu
Reformation Era Egyptian Ministry of Magic Characters (1)
Ethiopian Ambassador
Ebitimi Iyasu
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