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Welcome to Bonheur Couture! This well-respected couture and high fashion brand hails from the city of Paris, which houses both an elaborate fashion house and showroom, as well as their flagship boutique. Designs are focused more on robes for men and women rather than the more muggle-style clothing that is flooding the European market today, and Bonheur is one of only two French fashion houses to have a haute couture license from the French Ministry of Magic. Needless to say, Bonheur Couture caters to the elite… something that is reflected both in the quality of their work and in the price tags. Suffice it to say that if you have to ask the cost of something in their showroom… you probably can’t afford it.

Job Ideas: Designer, Seamstress, Show Coordinator, Sales Consultant, Stylist

Active Eras: Expedition, Marauder, Golden, Reformation, & Legacy Eras

“He bent his knees slightly to hide behind Harry, because Fleur Delacour was passing, looking stunning in robes of silver-gray satin, and accompanied by the Ravenclaw Quidditch captain, Roger Davies.”

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Considered to be the foremost designer of the magical fashion industry, Bonheur Couture calls Paris, France home and dedicates most of their work to elegant, traditional robes and wizardwear with incredible detail that any of Europe’s most elite witches and wizards would long to wear, though their influence certainly stretches far beyond France.

The workshop is located in the same delicate-looking building that it has inhabited since it was founded in the 18th Century, with gargoyles perched outside and a great deal of gold-flaked decorative pieces, railings, and molding. Most of the interior, including the showroom, include many antique pieces that have been magically preserved throughout the years, including a chaise that is said to have belonged to Louis XV himself. Even the workrooms contain the same tables that have always been used, the same needles, and many of the same fabrics: Bonheur is all about tradition, and since they have been doing so well for so long they see no reason to change how things are.

Creating the Designs


Though Bonheur does feature a showroom for buyers and elite guests, as well as a flagship boutique for those looking to purchase from the ready-to-wear collections, their designs largely speak for themselves. With their work being dedicated largely to traditional wear, most of the designs focus heavily on robes and cloaks, which are still preferred by many wizards in Western Europe and the United Kingdom, even in modern eras. They also employ several star milliners who make elaborate pointed hats for both men and women, and even do a show entirely focused on headwear and chapeaus around Easter of every year.

Many of the designs focus on feminine silhouettes, though they do offer mens collections as well, and tend to favor a lot of soft color palettes, though darker colors are used for winter collections. Though Bonheur Couture does not ignore the trends, it is often said that they are the ones setting the trends, so their work may not always be completely in line with what is popular though it is almost always a hit.

The employees of Bonheur Couture are held to absolutely grueling work and standards, and even the lowest tier of seamstresses are watched over very carefully to assure that they are working to the specifications of the brand. This includes very precise methods of stitching, embroidery, and beadwork, and each employee must undergo a brief assessment before leaving at the end of the day to assure that their work is on par, they are not taking anything out of the workshop, and that they have not shared any trade secrets with competitors. Only those who have done their time as a seamstress or working on one of the other parts of the company may be elevated to the status of designer when the time comes.

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