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Welcome to The Blood Moon Inn! Though they offer your standard food and lodging that is typical for inns all across England, this Knockturn Alley establishment is well known to cater to a less-than-savory crowd and is famed for being the sort of place one goes when they do not wish to be found. Here one can rent a room without so much as giving a name if you have enough coin to spare, and drinks are served to anyone who can pay. Though the inn itself keeps a healthy distance from their clients, it is well known that if one is looking to purchase something that may be restricted or difficult to come by that the staff at the Blood Moon can point you just where you need to look …for the right price.

Job Ideas: Barkeep, Server, Manager, Cleaner, Maintenance Worker, Booking Attendant

Active Eras: Marauder, Golden, Reformation, & Legacy Eras

“Two shabby-looking wizards were watching him from the shadow of a doorway, muttering to each other.”

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Nestled in the shadow and curiosity of Knockturn Alley in London, the Blood Moon Inn is a well known destination for criminals and unsavory individuals stopping through town on business. It sits adjacent to Cleary Co. Imports and Exports and it is rumored that the staff at the Blood Moon are well involved with the shipping company… which helps to give Cleary Co a less favorable reputation. Like many English inns, the main entrance leads to a well-stocked bar that features several tables and booths that are especially suited for privacy and quiet conversation. Behind the bar a guarded door leads to the inn’s offices and basement… and we aren’t sure you want to know what they keep in the basement.

Upstairs above the bar are plenty of rooms for rent that are all in varying degrees of disrepair. Make no mistake: the rooms are as well kept as they can be, but since the Blood Moon Inn prides itself of secrecy and making quick coin, some of the rooms are certainly nicer than others. They wont turn away anyone willing to pay, but if all you have is a few sickles you might wish to prepare to share your room with whatever lurks in the shadows.

The Staff & Clientele

Since the Blood Moon Inn is frequented by all manner of guests and travelers from questionable backgrounds, there is no telling who you might find in the guest rooms or at the bar on any given night. Though Rubeus Hagrid has commented on multiple occasions about buying eggs and odd creatures off of strangers at the Leaky Cauldron, it is well believed that such remarks are a cover up for having made such a transaction at the Blood Moon Inn. Many unsavory individuals with various illegal or restricted wares to sell have been known to lurk around the bar or use the inn to meet their clients. If you can’t find what you want elsewhere on Knockturn Alley, it’s possible that someone in the bar will be able to sell it to you. Be careful who you speak to and what questions you ask, though… the sort of people that stay for a night at the Blood Moon Inn aren’t always the sort of people who enjoy others prodding in to their business.

Of course, the Ministry of Magic keeps tabs on London’s famed “dark arts district,” so the occasional auror may stop in to look in on how things are going and whether or not any illicit transactions are taking place. Since the staff claims to have no affiliation with the bar’s patrons, however, they often have very little to show in the way of proof that anything illegal is going on and the books always look balanced and correct. Any government officials who make their way in, though, will usually be treated just like any other customer until proven otherwise.

If you should be invited to one of the private bar rooms at the inn or to one of the back rooms with the staff, you may find secret passageways that lead to other establishments in Knockturn Alley, which are sometimes used by more distinguished clientele for carrying on their shopping in secret and other times are used for avoiding the Ministry. Be careful, though: if you make your way to the staff-only areas without permission, you may find yourself to be the victim of a nasty hex or jinx.

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