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Welcome to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic! The premiere school of magic for French-speaking students, Beauxbatons accepts students from France, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands as well as students from other Francophone countries by request. They teach a number of unusual subjects such as etiquette and natural magic and pride themselves on having some of the most well educated and knowledgeable professors in all of Europe, or perhaps all of the magical world (depending on who you ask.) 

Birth records are required for France and Francophone countries, and many students are enrolled magically as soon as they are born, similarly to those attending Hogwarts in Scotland. Applications are accepted from students who have a decent understanding of the French language.

Character Types: New student characters at Beauxbatons may only be witches, wizards, half or quarter giant, half or quarter goblin, seers, half-veela, or metamorphmagi. Transfer students from other schools are accepted. Professors and support staff are welcome and encouraged as well.

Active Eras: Marauder, Golden, Reformation, & Legacy Eras

“We ‘ave none of zis ugly armor in ze ‘alls, and eef a poltergeist ever entaired into Beauxbatons, ‘e would be expelled like zat.”

– Fleur Delacour, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


Situated in Southern France and carved into the Pyreenes Mountains by magic, the Beauxbatons campus consists of a large palace and expansive grounds and gardens as far as the eye can see.

The Grand Palace is incredibly ornate, and each student is afforded a dormitory with only one other student of the same gender that is usually in their year, or perhaps a year older. The decorations of the palace are in many ways reminiscent of the palace at Versailles, further fueling the rumor that the Sun King himself may have possessed some magic. Several sitting rooms are available for students to study and relax in, and the observatory is one of the most impressive among magical schools. Beauxbatons is also thought to have one of the largest wizarding libraries in all of Western Europe.

The Grounds consist primarily of gardens – the main garden in front of the school and the East Gardens located behind the school, which also hold the greenhouses and community vegetable garden. A paved road wraps around the border of the campus just inside the fence that borders the area. A stable also exists on the westernmost edges of the campus, where students are allowed to care for the horses and take them out for a ride or a carriage pull.

Student Life & Enrollment

Students looking to travel to Beauxbatons for school will take the European Magical Rail to the nearby village of Etincelles, situated at the base of the mountains. From there a magical carriage pulled by abraxan will carry them up between the peaks to the palace and gardens. These carriages also ferry older students to the village on weekends to go shopping or spend time in the nearby cafe.

Etincelles is also well known for it’s equestrian club, which many students visit to participate in competitions and horse shows that are held on weekends. Many students who live in or near Etincelles with their families are often already members.

Though many students are automatically enrolled at birth, the birth record system at Beauxbatons only extends to France and Belgium. Other students may write an essay to be approved by the headmaster or headmistress. The vast majority of students begin schooling in the year they turn eleven, but a small number of transfer students from other schools are welcomed each year.

Beauxbatons faculty and students uphold a level of sophistication and require fine silk to be utilized for their uniforms. All students are required to have both common school robes and dress robes, as the school plays host to several formal occasions and feasts throughout the year.

Uniforms for young ladies consist of plain robes, a modest dress or a blouse and skirt, and short heeled shoes in pale blue, though white blouses and black shoes are permitted. An optional dress chapeau, or hat, is allowed during meals and lessons.

Uniforms for young men consist of plain robes, dress pants, a button up shirt, and dress shoes all in the school’s signature pale blue color, though white shirts and black shoes are permitted. An optional dress chapeau, or hat, is allowed for formal occasions and meals.

Astronomy – The study of constellations, planets, outer space, and the night sky

Charms – Basic spells that become the building blocks of all wand-based magic

Defense Against the Dark Arts – The study of nefarious creatures and spells and how to protect oneself against them

Etiquette – Instruction on propriety, how to behave at gatherings, and how to exhibit good etiquette

Flying – Mandatory only for first years to learn the basics of how to operate and control a broomstick

French History – A course that studies the history of both magical and muggle France and it’s surrounding regions

Herbology – The study of the various plant species of the wizarding world, including identification, care, and use

Potions – How to identify, mix, and prepare ingredients along with a study of proper brewing techniques and practices

Transfiguration – The study of changing one object into another, usually of similar size and stature

Arithmancy – The study of numerology and how to cast spells and practice divination using numbers

Care of Magical Creatures – An introduction to the many beasts of the wizarding world and how to care for them

Divination – An overview of the many ways one can predict the future and learn to see with the inner eye

Flying – Optional only for the second year and above, advanced lessons in flying techniques particularly for sport

History of Magic – A course that builds on the topics covered in French History, but to include the broader wizarding world

Muggle Studies – An introduction to non-magical persons and their cultures and lifestyles

Quidditch Club – Students skirmish amongst themselves, learn new skills, and play matches against other schools.

Gardening Club – Students meet every Saturday to tend to the expansive gardens and enhance their Herbology skills

Gobstones Club – Fans of the popular wizarding board game can hone their skills and enjoy a good time playing this game every Wednesday afternoon, during tea.

Dramatics Club – A student production is put on each term by the dramatics club. It is usually a classical French production in the fall and Shakespeare in the spring.

Choral Club – This singing club meets twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays to practice their vocal talents and occasionally perform in the nearby town of Etincelles.

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