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Welcome to the Astrolabe Theatre! Tucked away in New York City’s theatre district, this performing arts center has been home to some of the most notable plays and musicals of the wizarding world dating all the way back to the 1920s. Unlike the fixed productions of Broadway, the Astrolabe cycles through several productions per season since it is one of just three magical playhouses in the midatlantic.

Job Ideas: Actor, Box Office Attendant, Usher, Stage Manager, Director, Playwright, Prop Master, Marketing Staff

Active Eras: Expedition, Marauder, Golden, Reformation, & Legacy Eras

“Around the same time, the French wizard Malecrit wrote the following lines in his play Hélas, Je me suis Transfiguré Les Pieds (‘Alas, I’ve Transfigured My Feet’)…”

GRENOUILLE: I cannot go with you to the market today, Crapaud

CRAPAUD: But Grenouille, I cannot carry the cow alone.

GRENOUILLE: You know, Crapaud, that I am to be Keeper this morning. Who will stop the Quaffle if I do not?

– Quidditch Through The Ages

Like many magical establishments in the United States, the Astrolabe Theatre is hidden in plain site among other ordinary businesses. Nestled between 44th and 45th street, it can be identified only by a nondescript locked stage door that is carefully enchanted so that only magical visitors will be able to see it.

The stage door opens into a small courtyard that looks similar to a typical New York City street, with a light up marquee, box office, the real stage door for actors to enter in and out of, and street vendors selling souvenirs and snacks. This allows show-goers to purchase tickets at the box office even when no shows are running and fans to greet actors after the show even if they were unable to purchase a ticket. The main entrance opens one hour before the show, so many attendees queue up outside while waiting to enter.

The Theatre & Productions


Established in 1918, the decor of the Astrolabe has remained largely unchanged since then, preserved by magic. As such, even in modern eras it is not uncommon for witches and wizards to embrace the atmosphere of old by dressing up in their finest attire to attend a show. Thanks to the eclectic population of New York City, even those choosing to wear robes to the theatre are largely ignored by ordinary passers by.

A typical show season runs from April to December, with the three months at the beginning of the year reserved for private functions, rehearsals, traveling productions, and so on. A typical show will run for three months, though more popular ones have been known to run longer. Thanks to the use of magic and enchanted scenery, it is not uncommon for one show to be running for the matinee while a different production is playing in the evening slot, leading to an average of five productions per season, with at least two being musicals in a typical year.

Auditions are held on a regular basis; several actors are hired on each year as permanent company members while others come on for only a show or two. Part of the auditions staff often tours to major cities in the United States to seek out new talent, and it is not uncommon for international actors to attend various audition sessions.

Astrolabe typically works with the Magical Actors Guild of the United States to assure fair practices and pay for all of their actors, though it is not unheard of for them to cast new talent for various productions.

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