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Welcome to Amortentia! Located in the lovely little town of Waddlestone Village, England, Amortentia is not your average apothecary! Amortentia believes in potions and salves dedicated to making women look beautiful and near ethereal. The products sold here are all homemade by the staff and are merchandised as a necessary addition to every witch’s beauty routine alongside a number of carefully selected, hand picked herbs and potions ingredients. They focus on natural remedies and potions, which can be paired with just the right enchantments to make any witch or wizard look as handsome or as beautiful as they feel. For those looking for gifts or something a little more special, they also offer spa packages for weddings, birthdays, or other events.

Job Ideas: Apothecarist, Stock Clerk, Sales Clerk, Merchandiser, Beauty Consultant

Active Eras: Golden, Reformation, & Legacy Eras

“Oh, come and stir my cauldron,
And if you do it right,
I’ll boil you up some hot strong love
To keep you warm tonight.”

– Celestina Warbeck, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Situated in the picturesque and quaint Waddlestone Village, the small cottage that houses Amortentia Apothecary blends right in with the rest of the scenery. Inside the cottage is a welcoming sales floor that features a clean white appearance with white walls, flooring, and various white displays that are decorated with draped fabrics, soft pastels, and barrels and vases of fresh flowers and herbs. Small circular tables contain pre-mixed potions and salves on display, though the staff are happy to mix or brew anything to the customer’s request. A small bookshelf contains a variety of potions books, scrolls, and recipes available for purchase as well. The basement of the shop, though off limits to customers, contains full brewing accommodations for mixing various potions and cosmetics in a clean environment.

Toward the back of the shop through a set of French doors sits a small spa area used for private appointments and consultations, though it is occasionally re-arranged to accommodate brewing classes and herb identification lessons for those who might be looking to learn more about brewing their own beautifying potions or creating their own cosmetics at home.

Shopping at Amortentia


In spite of the name, Amortentia does not sell love potions due to their heavily restricted nature, but rather herbs, potions, and salves to enhance one’s natural beauty. Of course, with the variety of herbs and potions ingredients they sell, you may find what you need for a love potion if you hunt around… but you will be quietly asked to leave for requesting those items specifically.

The apothecary of course carries their own brew of Beautification Potion, which enhances the drinker’s beauty to make them seem all attractive, but in addition to this staple they sell a wide range of makeup and cosmetics that are all made in house with hand-picked ingredients. These include everything from skin care products such as magical moisturizers and Blemish-Be-Gone salves to enchanted makeup that never wears off and can change to any color of the rainbow. Amortentia also offers a wide array of No-Chip Nail Varnish and various hair care products to complete any beauty routine, and a number of items right out of their spa room such as bath bombs, handmade soaps, various mud masks, and more.

Every Saturday morning, the shop hosts a different makeup or beauty tutorial in the spa for only the cost of supplies and ingredients. Repeat students are given a punch card for a discount on their lessons. In addition to these tutorials, the shop opens at ten in the morning each evening and closes at seven at night on weekdays, nine at night on Saturdays, and six at night on Sundays, though hours may vary due to special appointments or wedding groups.

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