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Welcome to Alexandros Flora & Fauna! One of the largest suppliers of potion supplies, wand wood, and exotic creatures in the wizarding world, or at least in Europe, Alexandros Flora & Fauna ships their products far and wide to a number of countries for use in creating the various magical implements used for day to day spellcasting. Though their headquarters is situated somewhere in the Aegean Sea on small archipelago, they hold warehouses and processing centers throughout Greece where their products are sorted and sent off to the various wandmakers, greenhouses, potioneers, and creature shops that purchase from them.

Job Ideas: Order Processor, Accountant, Creature Caretaker, Herbologist, Quality Assurance Specialist, Shipment Clerk

Active Eras: Expedition, Marauder, Golden, Reformation, & Legacy Eras

“Yeah — he’s mine — bought him off a Greek chappie I met in the pub las’ year — I lent him to Dumbledore to guard the — now don’t ask me anymore.”

– Rubeus HagridHarry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Though the Alexandros Flora & Fauna headquarters in the Aegean Sea is only accessed by employees working to collect and ship their various products, it is situated across several Greek islands with each dedicated to a different purpose. More dangerous creatures are kept to small islands of their own, some less than a quarter of a mile in width, while other islands contain vast orchards and farms growing olives, wand wood, and other magical plants and species. Everything is collected on these islands and taken by boat to the city of Alexandroupoli, where warehouse staff processes orders.

Though most of the processing is done at the central warehouse, Alexandros Flora & Fauna owns several other warehouses and ports throughout Greece and along the Mediterranean. Most of their items are shipped out via boat since they are large in quantity, but some smaller or more lightweight orders are shipped out through arrangements with the Owl Post Service.

Products & Clients

Though Alexandros Flora & Fauna dabbles in many different products, they are perhaps best well known for their olives, olive wood, and olive oil that is shipped to both magical and non-magical companies and restaurants throughout Europe. Their olive wood is prized for wandmaking and shipped almost exclusively to Greek and Middle Eastern wandmakers, though for the right price they have been willing to ship it elsewhere.

In addition to olive wood, Alexandros produces many other different kinds of wand wood to be shipped around the globe, and also produces a number of wand cores such as various animal feathers and heartstrings, powdered horns, and even unicorn hair. All animal bi-products are collected as organically as possible, and no creatures are harmed unless it is deemed absolutely necessary. In the event that an animal must be killed, the meat is sent off to companies such as Reznik Brothers Meats for further processing and sales to witches and wizards and magical restaurants. Many creatures are also sold to pet shops for further sale, going as far as Magical Menagerie in England. They also stock a number of apothecaries and greeneries with products for sale. Those wishing to place an order with the company need only send an owl to their headquarters in Greece to request a catalog or a consultation with one of their many sales agents.

Thanks to the sheer volume of products shipped and sold, it has occasionally been rumored that Alexandros Flora & Fauna may also deal with more heavily regulated or even illegal plants, creatures, and products, but such rumors have never been substantiated and are difficult to prove. The company leadership has changed hands several times, but remains a family business as ownership has been passed down through various generations.

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