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Welcome to Alexander Honeycutt Atelier! With a workshop and showroom situated in the heart of New York City, Alexander Honeycutt is one of the foremost wizarding designers to incorporate modern muggle fashions into his designs, and prides himself in running a game-changing wizarding fashion house within the American ready-to-wear market. Honeycutt is lauded for its sleek designs for the modern witch and wizard in today’s America. Bid farewell to the silly, frilly robes of days past, say hello to slimming and graceful styles of the future. Alexander Honeycutt Atelier is carried in many magical sections of department stores with a few stand-alone boutiques in cities like New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. 

The designer’s workshop houses a staff of young, creative design staff and seamstresses in New York City, though employees of the atelier are often found jetsetting around the globe looking for new fabrics and inspiration and attending fashion shows.

Job Ideas: Showroom Attendant, Accountant, Seamstress, Fitting Assistant, Sales Consultant, Beadwork Specialist, Makeup Artist, Designer, Show Coordinator, Talent Scout

Active Eras: Golden, Reformation, & Legacy Eras

“Bill was — there was no other word for it — cool. He was tall, with long hair that he had tied back in a ponytail. He was wearing an earring with what looked like a fang dangling from it. Bill’s clothes would not have looked out of place at a rock concert, except that Harry recognized his boots to be made, not of leather, but of dragon hide. “

– Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

A far cry from the dated robes of England and parts of Europe, Alexander Honeycutt and his designers focus on modern, sleek designs that blend well with non-magical designs. An outspoken member of the Revealing Party, Honeycutt believes in capitalizing on eccentric non-magical styles to create designs for witches and wizards that can easily be worn in public and when out and about in non-magical areas.

The workshop is located in New York City’s magical district, just above the designer’s flagship boutique and showroom. Everything is kept incredibly clean, sleek, and minimalist to keep all focus on the clothing, and all seamstresses are expected to wear plain linen cloaks over their attire and plain linen gloves while they are handling the designs. Large windows fill the entire workshop and Honeycutt’s office, all of which are enchanted to show scenes from London, Paris, Milan, and of course New York City. The workshop itself is tucked away in a magically hidden building, so without the enchantments the windows would only show plain brick.

Shopping & Designs

Though there is a small boutique open at ground level for discerning witches and wizards to make purchases from the ready to wear collections, beyond a set of French doors those with some extra spending money may find themselves invited back to the showroom, which features many of the same design elements as the workshop upstairs. Very modern, very sleek, and very minimalist. A few sofas and leather chairs are situated around the room, and the most impressive designs from the latest collection sit on mannequins to be observed. A private dressing area serves as both a place for customers to try on designs and a place for models to don the latest collections for prospective buyers from boutiques and stores around the globe.

While many designs take inspiration from current non-magical fashion, there are still many magical elements to Alexander Honeycutt’s designs. Most notable are his expandable leather bags that seem to know no bounds to how much they can hold, and every teenage witch in America either has one or would like to get one if they should ever have the money.

In addition to the expandable bags, other popular collections include elements such as stylish hooded blazers reminiscent of cloaks, pointed hats without the garrish additions of some of their European counterparts, dragon-hide boots and jackets, and modest enchanted coin pouches that cannot be removed from a pocket or bag except by the owner.

As Alexander Honeycutt is fond of young and upcoming designers, he often pays a visit to the Chicago Academy of Wizardry at the end of the school year to meet with students enrolled in the art program and to scout for new talent for his company. He has also been known to visit the Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts to meet with costuming students as well, with similar intentions. Other prospective designers are often met with in the showroom throughout the year as well.

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