How to Archive Completed Stories


Here at Vault 713, we like to archive completed threads once they are finished so that they can be read later and that other players know the story is over. In this guide, we’ll give you a quick overview of how to know if your thread is eligible for archival, how to request that it is archived, and what kind of rewards you’ll receive for completed threads.



Finishing Your Story


We consider threads to be completed when they come to a clear and concise ending or change of scene. This could also be looked at like the end of a chapter in a book: we recognize that not every story will leave with all of the characters leaving the scene, but it has to be obvious that all players have agreed that the thread is done and that it has not just been abandoned. If you aren’t sure about how to end your thread, think of your favorite books or television episodes. Some ideas for endings could include at least one player leaving and saying goodbye, a final post that serves as an epilogue that explains what happens at the end of the story, or a dramatic statement that adds a touch of finality, such as “Harry would have to wait until tomorrow to find out.”


Before reporting your thread as complete, please make sure that you confirm with your fellow players that it is done! It is considered impolite to request that a thread be archived if one or more players is unaware that the thread has reached an ending. You can do this by sending your fellow players a private message or by using the [ooc] bbcode to leave comments in your posts as you approach what feels like an ending to the thread.


Marking Threads as Completed


Once you are finished with your story, make sure you are logged on to a character that posted in the thread and look in the upper right hand corner of the thread for the  icon. This may be in the bottom left corner if you are on mobile. Please note that you may see more or less icons than pictured below, depending on your account type and where the thread takes place.





Click the icon when you are ready to mark your story as completed, and it will change to a ✨ icon once the thread has been marked. This will also automatically lock the thread so that no one else can reply to it, along with putting a [Completed] tag next to the thread title, as pictured below:




If you happen to mark your thread as completed on accident, all you need to do is click the ✨ icon again, and it will reopen the thread and remove the [Completed] marker.




Reporting a Thread For Archival


Once you’ve marked your story as Completed, you’re going to want to report it! The report feature is used for many things here at Vault 713, including letting us know when threads are against the rules, but it is also used for letting us know when a story is all finished and needs to be moved to the archives. While reporting your completed story, feel free to explore the other options in case you need them. We suggest reporting the first post in the thread. This way if someone else in the thread has already reported it, it will let you know that they have done so and you will not need to report it a second time.

You can find the Report Thread option by clicking the ⚑ icon in the upper right hand corner of the post, or at the bottom of the post if you are on mobile.




Once you click this, you will be brought to a screen to fill in the details of the report. You will want to choose COMPLETED from the “Reason” drop down menu. If you would like to receive an alert when your thread has been archived, you can choose “Yes” in the Notify Me section.


In the large box at the bottom, you will note that For Archivals mentions to include all participating characters. Please list all character names who participated as they appear on the character accounts. For example, if your character’s account says Jennifer Smith but they go by Jenn, make sure you put Jennifer Smith! Once you’re done filling out all of this, you can hit submit. Reports are generally handled within 48 hours, but can take up to one week to be addressed for archivals.



Completed Story Rewards


Each thread that is at least 10 posts long will count as a Completed Story, and each character who participates will have 1 Completed Story and 1 Quill added to their account. If you participate in any challenges or special events, this can occasionally grant you even more Quills. You will need to check the requirements and rules for each challenge you participate in for more information on how to receive your extra rewards.


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