Roleplaying Seasons Overview

Here at Vault 713 we use a unique feature called seasons to coordinate when events happen around the board, both in game and out of character. This page will outline in detail how seasons work for those who want a little extra information, so we suggest giving it a quick read. If you have any further questions about roleplaying seasons, you can always ask them in the Help Desk at any time.

What are roleplaying seasons?

Roleplaying seasons are set periods of the year where roleplaying takes place. We allow roleplaying year round (except during times of downtime!) and follow a “real time” schedule, so one day in real life is one day in game. This means that things are constantly happening all year round, and we needed a way to divide things up a little bit.

At the end of each season, all currently active roleplaying stories are archived and the era roleplaying forums wiped clean. This not only gives players a chance to start fresh, but also allows us to keep plots moving at a reasonable pace. While we don’t mind taking our time with plots, it’s not much fun when things drag out beyond a reasonable length of time and prevent important plot points from occurring. The seasons are also set to follow along with school terms and holidays, making it easier for us to keep things going according to plan as schools open and close at different times of the year, and allows us to stick to canon storylines more closely.

When do roleplaying seasons run?

Our seasons are outlined below. Archivals happen on December 28, April 28, and August 28.

  • Fall — September, October, November, December
  • Spring — January, February, March, April 
  • Summer — May, June, July, August

Seasons may be adjusted slightly as time progresses and we evaluate the system. You can also keep track of seasons on our calendar once they are added, so you always know when archivals will happen!

What happens during roleplaying seasons?

Throughout the season, we will be introducing parts of overarching plots that will tie up nicely by the end of the season, to make it easy to follow along with. This will be especially useful for our Golden Era forum, which follows along with the Harry Potter series and relies heavily on specifically timed events!

We also will be using seasons to give players ample time to complete their roleplaying stories for maximum rewards. Previously, stories that had been abandoned for more than 30 days were archived and unable to be finished without jumping through several hoops. Using roleplaying seasons, you can have anywhere from 3-5 months at most to complete a story, though stories started closer to the archival date will naturally have less time to be completed.

What happens when threads are completed or archived?

While a season is running, completed stories can be archived for rewards by using the “Report” feature on any thread. Stories that are at least 10 Posts will also be awarded one (1) Completed Story and one (1) Quill on the account that completed the story. Stories that are not completed at the end of a season will be locked away unfinished, but still accessible for reading any time you’d like.

The Vault staff suggests using the last few weeks of a season to finish your existing stories rather than starting new ones—you can use this time as a great opportunity to start fresh and kick off new plots as soon as the new season begins!


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