Vampire Bloodlines Overview

The following page provides an overview of each of the currently available bloodlines you may choose for your vampire character. Please note that while vampire characters will not be reopened for several days, we wanted to make this basic information available so that players with existing vampire characters could be aware of the changes. Once these characters are available for play, this section will be expanded with further information on each of the bloodlines.

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Abha Iblis Vampires

Said to be descended from three princes in the middle east, the Abha Iblis choose to sire those who may have ties to wealth or royalty, especially favoring first born sons.

Region: Middle East & Northern Africa

Shared Flaw: Warded off by the smoke from burning harmal seeds.

Available Abilities: Ianna’s Song, Intoxicate, Sandshaping, Stone Form

Croatoan Vampires

Rooted in a history of despair, the Croatoan are solitary vampires who feed on the displeasure and loneliness of others. They offer their gift as a way out for mortals who are suffering, only for the gift to turn on them and offer them an eternal life of misery.

Region: United States & Canada, isolated sightings in the United Kingdom

Shared Flaw: Attempts at sleep are only met with restlessness and nightmares that are ongoing for as long as the vampire is able to manage sleep or a sleep-like state.

Available Abilities: Illusion Casting, Persuasion, Shadow Walking, Thought Perception

Fleur du Sang Vampires

Known for their indulgence in everything, those of the Fleur du Sang bloodline are drawn to sire others of immaculate beauty or who are greatly cultured and hold an affinity for the arts.

Region: Western Europe, most notably sighted in France

Shared Flaw: Cannot enter any private residence without first being invited in.

Available Abilities: Illusion Casting, Intoxicate, Teleportation, Thought Perception

Jiang Shi Vampires

Thought to be related to ancient “hopping vampires,” the Jiang Shi are now known more for their ability to exist by draining their victims’ energy while drinking their blood. They tend to sire those who seem most keen at manipulation, including those involved in politics.

Region: Asia, most notably sighted in China

Shared Flaw: Once being turned, a Jiang Shi can never return to the place they called home before becoming a vampire. If they attempt to return there, they will be met with only fog or find themselves in another location.

Available Abilities: Astral Projection, Emotion Drain, Mist Form, Thought Perception

Nosferatu Vampires

One of the oldest known bloodlines, the Nosferatu seem to have less consistency with who they choose to sire, but most often do so for their own personal gain, or very rarely for the sake of taking a husband or wife.

Region: Eastern Europe, most notably sighted in Romania

Shared Flaw: A Nosferatu vampire wishing to travel across any body of water must due so while packed with dirt from the grave where they were first buried or where the vampirism ritual was performed.

Available Abilities: Flying, Hypnosis, Mist Form, Shapeshifting

Ramanga Vampires

Believed to have ties to witch doctors and shamans, the Ramanga are very close to nature and choose to sire those who also wish to strengthen their own bond with nature by transcending that of a mortal life.

Region: South America, The Caribbean, also seen in some parts of Africa

Shared Flaw: While appearing more similar to an ordinary human during most circumstances, a Ramanga’s reflection shows only a hideous monster if they were to pass in front of a mirror.

Available Abilities: Hypnosis, Illusion Casting, Shapeshifting, Talons of the Beast

create a vampire • overview • abilities

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