Roleplay Etiquette

Vault 713 has grown a lot since its early days and it’s one of the things we pride ourselves on. Our roleplay family has gotten bigger and more diverse – this diversity means our players all have different types of posting speeds and plot desires. The following is a list of things you should keep in mind when playing with another person. These guidelines have been curated from discussions among the staff, from players’ feedback, and through roleplaying itself.


  • Talk about post order. If you’re waiting on a player who has not replied to a thread in a few days, make sure you contact them to see if things are okay. While most of us really love playing on the Vault, it is not the only thing that we do. Some players might have demanding work or school schedules or just have trouble coming up with a post based on the replies given. Communication is key to making sure everyone has a good time.


  • When it comes to action scenes, be fair! Action is one of the most exciting aspects of roleplaying. However, these can be quite frustrating if your roleplaying partner is not letting you have your fair share of things when it comes to fighting between two characters. Be considerate in leaving your posts vague so your partner can decide whether or not their character has been hit. Vice versa, you should also make an effort to make the fight realistic.


  • Make sure a thread is done before locking it and reporting it for archival. Sometimes it’s easy know when a thread is done, but sometimes it’s not. Send a PM to everyone involved in the thread and ask if anyone else would like to put a final post.


  • Respect each other’s privacy. The best part about roleplaying on Vault 713 is the friends you’ll make. As with all of our friends, we share personal information with them and expect them to be people we can trust. Please do not give out any form of this personal information to a third party. If a player has decided to take a break for a few days because of personal issues, it is not your right to tell people exactly what is going on with that player. That person is more than welcome to contact the player in question to ask what is going on. The same goes for IM handles and emails.


  • Give your RP partner time and space to reply. As mentioned before, we all wish we could make the Vault our #1. Unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect world! Most of our player base work or attend school full-time. Some even have families of their own! So it’s easy to see why it might take someone a long time to get around to posting. Try your best not to bother them too much to reply. They have to deal with the stresses of work, school, and family life. Make sure they feel they have a safe place at Vault 713 by being patient and even talking with your RP partner. Sometimes people want to know that they are friends first and foremost instead of as just someone to roleplay with.