What Are Quills?

To help keep special features balanced and to reward players who really participate in the community and get involved, we’ve introduced Quills as a sort of currency to use around the game. Quills are given as rewards for participation, so the more you play, the more you can earn! We have a lot of features and a lot of players, so having a currency such as this helps us make sure that everyone gets a fair chance at getting the coolest options for their character and participating in the various activities we have to offer.

Earning Quills

Quills are earned primarily through participation and roleplaying, and will sometimes be given away as part of special events. They are a direct reflection of your involvement in the story aspects of roleplaying, so the more you participate and the more stories you tell, the more Quills you’ll have! We know that not everyone completes stories or plays at the same pace or style too, so these are meant to work for anyone who posts at all. Quills are attached to the account that earns them and cannot be transferred to another account. If you drop or abandon a character, those Quills will disappear with the account.

When you first join Vault 713, you’ll be given 30 Quills to spend as you please. You can either use these to add special abilities to your first character, create additional characters, or save them for later!

Stacking Quill Rewards

Each story you complete will earn 1 Quill for that character. Other activities around the board such as completing challenges or completing plot-related stories will yield bonus Quills. These always stack, so completing multiple challenges or special events in one thread will yield extra Quills for that thread.

Example:  Devon & Hannah each participate in a thread, so they earn 1 Quill each. Hannah has completed a +1 Challenge and a +2 Challenge, both in that same thread. Devon completed the +2 Challenge as well. Devon earns 1 + 2 (Challenge) = 3 Quills Hannah earns 1 + 1 (Challenge) + 2 (Challenge) = 4 Quills


Spending Quills

Quills can be spent in a variety of ways, largely related to things that will enhance your character or plots. This list is constantly growing, but currently includes:

  • Adding a tagline or quote to your account – 10 Quills
  • Adding special abilities to existing characters – 0 to 15+ Quills
  • Changing your character’s job – 10 Quills
  • Creating a character-owned business – 25 Quills
  • Creating a new character – 15 Quills


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