Character Sheet Overview

While you can find the code for the character sheet form on the Create a Canon Character and Create an Original Character forums, this page is meant to give an overview of how to answer each of the questions on the character sheet if you find them confusing or aren’t sure what to write. As always, if you have any further questions about how to fill out the character sheet or create your new character, you can seek assistance in the Help Desk.

Replace the words below with the appropriate information for your character. Where it says Character Name, put your character’s name (e.g. Harry Potter) and so on. Please note that the words are separated with a | so make sure not to delete it!

Character Name | Witch/Wizard/Squib/Muggle  or Beast/Being Type (Werewolf,etc.) |  Date Of Birth | Primary Era | Birth Country | Where the character lives now | Job description or school information

What is the concept for your character?

Write 2-3 sentences to describe a quick overview of your character. Are they a 7th year Hogwarts Student? Are they a weary auror with an attitude problem and nothing left to lose? This should include only the most important information that briefly introduces us to your character.

What does your character look like?

No images, please! Use words to describe your character as best you can. Try to avoid specific numbers for height and weight and focus on the general aspects–are they tall or short? Do they dress sloppily or very posh? Does their nose stick up or is it covered in dirt? Remember to stay away from descriptions of beauty–as they say, it’s in the eye of the beholder!

Where can we find your character when their story first begins?

What is currently going on with your character? What are they currently doing? Where are they currently working? Paint us a picture of who your character is right now. This is a great place to imagine what your character’s first thread will look like, or brainstorm what the opening scene to a TV show would look like if your character was the star. Focus on the present to show us what your character is all about!

What was life like for your character one year before their primary era?

Rewind and think back to a year ago today… in your character’s eyes. Were they starving on the street and just about to apply for a job? Finishing up their final year at Hogwarts? If your character was in the same place career or school wise, think back to what might have been different a year ago. Did they have different friends? Different ambitions or goals? Consider how your character might have changed in the past year.

Who is someone from your character’s past who influenced who they are today?

A teacher? A family member? A random person they met on the street? How did this person affect your character? Was their influence positive and uplifting or did they make a negative impact on your character’s life?

What does your character think their strongest and weakest traits are?

Tell us what your character thinks their best or strongest quality is. Do they think they are friendly? A good swimmer? Do they see themselves as a leader? Additionally, tell us what your character thinks they are worst at or what their worst quality is. Maybe they think they stay up too late or don’t trust people easily enough, or see themselves as too shy.

What is something your character wants but doesn’t have?

This could be specific or vague, big or small. Do they want a new broomstick? Do they want to be reunited with someone? Try to choose something that could influence your threads and how your character’s story unfolds.

What are their current short term and long term goals?

For short term goals, maybe they want to win the house cup, get a promotion, or get perfect scores on their next test. What is your character hoping to accomplish? It can be something easily attainable–like attending a Quidditch game–or even more dramatic. Try to think of a goal that they could actively work toward through roleplaying that could influence your first threads with this character.

For long term goals, what is something your character would like to accomplish over time? This could be something like earning enough money to move out of the country, starting their own business, or working up the nerve to talk to someone. Long term could mean accomplishing this in just a few weeks, or accomplishing it in a few years…or even something to work toward throughout their life.

What is your character currently doing to work toward their goals?

Did they just apply for their dream job or quit a job they hated? Are they saving money up? It might also be possible that your character isn’t physically doing anything to work toward their goals, but they might be getting excited and trying to make a plan. Consider what your character might be doing to help them on the path to what they want.

What other eras will they be active in?

Let us know which eras your character will be playing in that aren’t their primary era. If your character will be a student in another era, be sure to let us know what year they will be in. If they will have a job in another era, it may ONLY be an entry level or basic position. Higher up positions are reserved for characters making that era their primary era and/or can be obtained later on through the career center. You do NOT need to choose a job for your character in another era, but you will need to use the career center if you plan for them to be employed later.

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