Creating Your First Character


Welcome to Vault 713! While this guide is directed to those who are creating their very first character, it may also be useful for those who wish to delve a little deeper into the character creation process and really make sure you’re getting the most out of your available options and understanding our current rules and restrictions.

In this guide, we will touch both on the technical side of how to create your character and some tips on the writing side of exploring your character’s backstory and preparing to roleplay with them.

First things first: To create your first character, you will need to register an account for the character or already have an OOC Account. If you don’t know what character name you want to use, For more information on account types, we suggest viewing the Account Types guide.

Filling Out Your Character Sheet

The first and most important part of creating a character is filling out your character sheet to let everyone know who your character is. This is just meant to be a quick overview of your character so that we can make sure that they fit within the setting, are not breaking any rules, and do not hold a job or position that is already occupied by someone else’s character. Our character sheet consists only of a handful of questions that you will answer about your character, and once you are finished you will post a new thread in either the Create an Original Character or Create a Canon Character forum with your filled out sheet so that your character can be sorted.

The most important thing to remember about filling out your character sheet? You only need to answer the questions on the sheet. This is information about your character, not their entire lineage, and you are not obligated to tell us anything other than what is asked. Some of the different character types have extra questions or points of information you should try to include, but otherwise we only need to know what we’ve asked.

If you are creating a Canon Character… this means that you are interested in playing a character that exists in the Harry Potter series, such as Ron Weasley, Hagrid, or Professor Snape. We expect that Canon Characters will be fairly active, but they can be a fun way to jump into the world of the series head first. You should keep the following things in mind for your canon character:
• We want to see your take on the character, not a direct copy of information from the Harry Potter wiki. Remember that the goal is to answer the questions on the character sheet, not to show us how much trivia you know about that character.
• As long as you do not interfere with the plot of the series, you are welcome to get creative. Feel free to imagine what your character’s hobbies are beyond the ones we see in the series, discover who the rest of their social circle is, and more!


If you are creating an Original Character… this means that you are creating a character straight out of your own imagination. These characters can be whomever you want them to be, whether or not they are a student or an adult, and can have free reign of the wizarding and muggle worlds. You should keep the following things in mind for your original character:
• All student characters will want to read our Schools & Education in the Wizarding World page before creating their character.
• All employed characters will need to choose their job or from the Business Directory to assure that you will have plenty of roleplaying opportunities. This helps us assure that we have characters all over the world and that you will also have the opportunity to have coworkers, customers, clients, and other characters to easily network with.
• All characters will need to choose a character type from this guide. We have more than ten different options beyond the usual witches, wizards, and muggles: play a half-giant struggling to become involved in wizard society, a hag preying on children who wander too close to the Forbidden Forest, a goblin who forges weapons in Founders Era, or nearly anything else you can come up with!
• We want to see a character that will easily be able to join threads and participate in roleplaying. Try to give your character things to build or work toward in the future instead of including everything in their backstory so that you can use these goals and ideas to influence your posts if you get stuck.
• Don’t hesitate to create a character who will be playable in more than one era! While you are more than welcome to create a character who will only be played in one era, many players enjoy creating a character that is a student in one era and an adult in another to get a broader roleplaying experience!


Finished filling out your character sheet? Now it’s time to post it up for a staff member to sort it!

Getting Sorted

Whether your character is a student or not, we refer to the process of getting your character out there in the game as getting sorted. This means that a staff member such as an Administrator or Vaultkeeper will come around and look over your character sheet, make sure that it looks okay for our game and that everything is good to go, and they will turn on permission for your account to post in the roleplaying sections of the forum. For student characters at schools that have different houses, such as Hogwarts, this also means a house will be chosen for your character. Sorting is a fairly easy process, but there are a few things you might want to know about how things work.


 • While we make every effort to sort characters as quickly as possible, it typically takes us no more than a few hours to get your character into the game and may take up to 24 hours. Please feel free to create and use your OOC Account in the mean time. 

• Very occasionally we may ask for you to edit your character sheet to be more in accordance with our rules or currently available in-game positions. This is perfectly normal and many players need to do so! If you are asked to edit your sheet, just reply to the thread to let us know when you’ve finished editing it.

• Very occasionally we may also need extra information to choose a house for your character or to complete the sorting process. If this is needed, a staff member will ask you to reply to the thread with the answers to a question or two as soon as you are available. 

• Character sheets that do not appear finished will be moved to the Character Workshop.

• Once your character is sorted, you will be given a plot point to help you on your way, along with several suggestions of threads to join, characters to interact with, and more. Feel free to make use of these to help jump start your character’s story!

Beginning Your Roleplaying Adventure


You’ve created your character, you’ve been sorted, and now it’s time to get roleplaying! You can immediately head over to the Fixed Timeline Roleplaying Forums and start or join a thread in any era that your character would be alive in. Since all of our threads are open and available to any player, feel free to jump in to any thread that looks like a location that your character would be in. Feel free to think outside the box, too: if your adult character lives in England, they may have flown or apparated to France for a weekend, for example!

If you’re looking for a thread to join or to network with other characters, we have quite a few options available:

Bulletin Board – Check out the latest issue of the Sunday Snitch weekly update for a list of all threads from the previous week that still have 0 replies. These are posted every week, and threads with 0 replies stay there until someone joins them!

Member Classifieds – Browse the classifieds for a new friend or plot idea, or submit  plot idea or thread of your own.

Here at Vault 713, we also offer a number of other options for expanding your character’s story and enhancing your roleplaying experience. You can dive in to these right away, or wait until you’ve built up your character a bit and have really discovered who they are.

Character Profile Directory – Post an extended profile of your character that outlines as much or as little of their story as you would like. This can cover their past, present, or future, and use whatever layout you choose.

Beyond the Story – Post your character’s family tree or other record of their lineage, an outline of your character’s life so far, keep track of threads or birthdays, or keep an ongoing record of your character’s day to day life.

Special Abilities & Add-Ons – If you would like to show off your character’s skill at potions or want to have them learn to be an animagus or occlumens, you can add these features to your character here.

Have any further questions about creating a character? Visit the Help Desk for assistance!

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