Joining Factions and Clubs


Factions and Clubs are in game groups that give characters an opportunity to participate in special events and features throughout the various roleplaying seasons, some of which offer a degree of notoriety in the wizarding world, as well as special Club & Factions Challenges. Due to the exclusivity of these groups and organizations, they are only open for new applicants four times a year and each has their own list of requirements based on the type of organization.

Applications are currently open and can be submitted on the application form. Applications will run until May 22, 2017.

Available Factions and Organizations

The following groups are available to adult characters in all modern eras:

  • Wizarding Expedition Society – Open to all characters with at least an adept level skill certification in any field
    • Must include skill certification information
    • Must include letter of application to the society explaining why they would be worthy of a membership
    • A 5 Quill registration fee will be deducted upon acceptance to the society
  • Wizengamot, British Ministry – Open to all upper level UK Ministry of Magic or finance workers and school officials.
    • Must include an overview of any relevant skills, job experience, or other reasons for serving on the Wizengamot
    • Must include links to 5 threads that take place at the character’s place of employment
    • A 5 Quill government tax will be deducted from finance workers and school officials if chosen for the Wizengamot

The following groups are available to adult characters active in both Marauder & Golden Era:

  • Death Eaters – Open to all characters age 20+ in Marauder Era who are willing to go to any lengths support You-Know-Who, and who are currently imprisoned in Azkaban or living outside of the United Kingdom in Golden Era. Characters active only in Marauder Era who are not alive in Golden Era only need to meet the Marauder Era requirements.
    • Must include links to at least three threads exhibiting evil behavior or use of dark magic
    • Must write a letter of devotion to You-Know-Who to illustrate that they are worthy of the title of Death Eater and not just Loyal Follower
    • Must include information on where your character is in Golden Era
    • A 10 Quill bail must be posted for Golden Era death eaters who are not currently imprisoned or dead

The following groups are closed to applications, but are added at character creation:

  • Journalists Association – For all journalist and news media characters
  • Teachers Association – For all professors and teachers at any school or educational institution

Available School Clubs

The following clubs are available for student characters at magical schools in all modern eras. When applying for these clubs, please include your character’s current interest in the club and what classes they are taking that might be relevant to joining the club.

Student characters are limited to participating in a maximum of three clubs during any given school term.

  • Carpet Racing Club – Open to any students with an interest in Carpet Racing. Blessed Isis only.
  • Crafters Guild – Open to any students studying advanced wandmaking or other crafting skills. Blessed Isis only.
  • Drama Club – Open to any students with an interest in acting or stage production. Chicago Academy of Wizardry only.
  • Dueling Club – Open to any students with an interest in Dueling. All Schools.
  • Fencing Club – Open to any students with an interest in muggle fencing. Romanian Spellcasters only.
  • Garden Society – Open to any students with an interest in Gardening and Herbology. Beauxbatons only.
  • Gobstones Club – Open to any students with an interest in Gobstones. All Schools.
  • Newspaper Club – Open to any students interested in regularly contributing to The Niffler. All Schools.
  • Ordinary Culture Club – Open to any students who appreciate Ordinary culture.  Chicago Academy of Wizardry only.
  • Prefect Club – Open to any students in years 5, 6, or 7 with exemplary grades and behavior. Hogwarts only.
  • Quidditch Club – Open to any students with an interest in Quidditch. All Schools.
  • Quodpot Club – Open to any students with an interest in Quodpot. Chicago Academy of Wizardry only.
  • Smithing Club – Open to any students with an interest in blacksmithing or weapon making. Durmstrang only.

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