Character Timelines: A How-To

Ever need to keep track of which order things happen with a family, group of characters, or just a series of threads? This is a great way to share the order that these threads occur in and keep track of what happens when so you can go back and read them again and again and again.


Creating a timeline thread

You may create either a master timeline for all of your characters, or use individual threads to track a particular storyline. For example, if you were playing Harry Potter, you could create a storyline thread that links to each thread where Harry learns about the trap door at Hogwarts, learns about the sorcerer’s stone, and then goes to seek it. You can also use timelines to outline every thread of a relationship, whether that involves a family, close friend, or spouse. Imagine you’re writing your own book in the Harry Potter series and each story you list on your timeline is a chapter in that story.

You may use whatever format you would like to post your timeline or storyline thread. If you’d like, you can use the column code, as follows:

[column-2]TEXT HERE|TEXT HERE[/column-2]

Combine the Column Code with the center code to see how things line up. You can also use column-3 and column-4 as well to create three or four columns instead of two.


What to include

Your timelines can include whatever information you would like, but we require at a minimum links to completed and/or in progress threads. You may also choose to include short descriptions of what happens in each thread, or links to the profiles of characters involved.








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