Plotting & Finding Roleplaying Partners

While every single roleplaying thread at Vault 713 is available for everyone to join, no matter how many players are already in it, we know that sometimes you have a plot you’d like to kick off or you’d like to branch out a bit with who you’re posting with. So we’ve created this quick guide to expanding your circle and your story as easily as possible!

Looking for new friends?

  • Pop by the Meet & Greet to see who has recently joined, who they play, and if they’d like to join a thread with you! All new players are encouraged to post here as soon as they join (you can even introduce yourself before you’ve been sorted!) and those players who have been absent for a year or more are also welcome to post a re-introduction. If you’re just browsing, be sure to say hello to all our new players and let them know you’d like to get a thread going!
  • Browse the Player Profiles to look for others who might be up for a thread! And if you haven’t posted your own Player Profile, be sure to do so! Not only is this a great way to get to know your fellow players, but you may see someone who is listed as available for threads who has a character that you think would be fun to post with. If you see someone you think you’d like to get to know better, just send them a private message! (Or if you’re really bold, start an OOC Discussion to chat about your common interests!)

Looking to explore a plot or story idea?

  • Post your idea in the Classifieds to see who is interested in starting a thread! This is a great way to give a quick overview of what you want to do, what thread you need people for, or what kinds of characters you’re looking for so that others can respond. Classifieds are meant to be short and sweet and relatively quick to keep the excitement and momentum of an idea going. Once you’ve kicked it off, then you can…
  • Submit news, owls, or rumors that will help kick off your plot! The best way to really get a plot going is to just jump right in! Every era has it’s own News, Letters, & Rumors forum where you can either write an article for a publication like the Daily Prophet (just think about the possibilities: Werewolves At Large in Paris: Who To Blame?), send an owl to someone who might want to get involved (“Dear Mr. Moody, we could really use a decent auror…”), or straight up start a rumor to see what gets people talking (“I overheard that someone stole a ton of unicorn horns from the apothecary!”)
  • Start a discussion if you want to get opinions from your fellow members about how certain aspects of Harry’s world might work. This is a great place to start if you have an idea for a setting or theme for your thread but aren’t sure how it could work out. While the discussion forums are not the place to figure out how a plot will play out, you’re welcome to chat about things like wizarding laws in a specific country, where a secret organization holds their meetings, how vampires travel around unnoticed… or just about anything else pertaining to the wizarding world and its culture!
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