Current Plot Information

Thanks to the unique style of the Vault, we have not just one plot for players to follow but several, all built around our Fixed Timeline Roleplaying Forums. These forums are each set to specific periods of history, referred to as eras, where we play in real time. This means that September 1 in our current year is September 1 in the year that each era has been given. Since we play like this instead of with sped up time, you can take your time finishing stories and play at your own pace. You can also create threads that take place at any time during our roleplaying season, too, so if you are itching to do a Christmas thread during October of our fall season, which runs from September to December, you are more than welcome to do so! You can also click here to learn more about roleplaying seasons.

By browsing the information below you should get a good idea of what each era is about, but for an idea of what is currently and most recently happening we always suggest viewing the News, Letters, & Rumors for each era, which can be found at the bottom of each era’s main section. These are updated on a weekly basis based on member contributions.


Founders Era (994) Expedition Era (1924) Marauder Era (1976) Golden Era (1994) Reformation Era (2001)  Legacy Era (2021)

Founders Era • The Story Begins

The current in-game year is 994, and the magical and non-magical communities live more closely together than they do in the other modern eras. Hogwarts Castle has become a well-established magical institute in the Kingdom of Alba, and students from this region and the neighboring Kingdom of England are sent off to learn from the greatest witches and wizards of the age. Those abroad looking for answers to their strange powers are also crossing to the isles to learn, though those in Scandinavia may find it more useful to visit the Durmstrang Ale Hall to commune with others and share knowledge, and those in Africa may wish to journey to the Blessed Temple of Isis in the Fatimid Caliphate to celebrate their goddess and seek magical learning.

In spite of all this, however, a darkness is brewing around Hogwarts as a student that is rumored to be powerful beyond what they seem is leading a disruptive charge against the four founders. The student is beginning to recruit others to their cause… and whether they succeed or are stopped may be up to you to decide.

You might want to remember… there is little to no division between magical and non-magical persons, and many non-magical rulers keep a court wizard or diviner on their staff; borders are constantly changing as battles break out and wars are fought over land; magic may look different depending on the part of the world where it was learned.

Roleplaying focus areas in this era include… The Fatimid Caliphate, The Kingdom of Alba, The Kingdom of England, and Scandinavia

Expedition Era • The World Awaits

While the rest of the world falls into a great depression, 1924 is just the beginning of the Roaring 20s in the United States. It’s a time of breaking social norms in both the magical and non-magical world and it’s a time of exploration, especially for those looking to venture into once undiscovered parts of the globe. Intrepid explorers are reaching the far corners of the world to discover and research creatures, plant life, and other mysterious aspects of the magical world. The once isolated United States has become a booming hub of activity among the international community, especially as foreign champions of the Wizarding Statute of Secrecy begin to question the many magical establishments popping up among ordinary neighborhoods in the United States. The Cloaking Party is looking to gain majority control of the Magical Congress and is currently campaigning on a platform against such a lackadaisical response to the Statute, believing that their citizens are just as held to it as those abroad… if not more so.

You might want to remember… ordinary persons in the United States are currently being referred to as “no-maj;” prohibition laws are currently in effect in both the magical and ordinary communities, leading to illegal speakeasies and a rise in crime; the Wizarding Expedition Society is seeing a boom of interest as technology and magic advance enough to allow people to explore previously undiscovered areas and bring back resources to be studied.

Roleplaying focus areas in this era include… New York City, Chicago, London

Marauder Era • A Storm Gathers

The year is 1976 and the Marauders — Padfoot, Prongs, Moony, and Wormtail — are entering their 5th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As they stumble through their teenage years, something darker is happening outside the castle grounds. The Ministry of Magic has been dealing with rumors of a “dark lord” rising within the United Kingdom. People are saying this wizard is looking for blood purity within the magical world. The Ministry’s response to this has been largely lacking as they have dismissed the claims as unsubstantiated and have found no reason for such worries. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the world, civil rights movements and war protests are beginning to trickle into the magical world, especially in the United States, where the American magical community faces the possibility of a new period of unrest as many members of the military, including those in the Magical Infantry, are beginning to return home after being drafted and deployed overseas.

You might want to remember… though rumors of a Dark Lord seeking out followers are beginning to spread, it will be several years before he inflicts his reign of terror on the United Kingdom; the Vietnam War ended in April 1975, but the repercussions of it are likely still being felt around the globe, and many witches and wizards have likely questioned why the Magical Infantry in the United States needed to be involved.

Roleplaying focus areas in this era include… United Kingdom, United States

Golden Era • A Criminal At Large

It’s currently 1994 in-game and the most recent threat at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry has been defeated. Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger—the group known as the “Golden Trio”—are now entering their 3rd year of school. Yet another new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher has been hired, and things seem relatively back to normal… except for the fact that Sirius Black, an infamous mass murder, is also on the loose from Azkaban Prison having escaped over the summer. Because of this there is a heightened sense of fear among the magical community, not just at Hogwarts but in all of the United Kingdom and even parts of Europe as sightings are reported with increasing frequency even though the Ministry seems no closer to finding him. In fact, things at the British Ministry of Magic seem to be even more of a mess than usual as employees grapple with the fact that a prisoner has escaped (possibly for the first time ever) and that they seem to be completely unable to track him down.

You might want to remember… dementors are currently guarding the outer perimeter of Hogwarts School but are not permitted to come any closer without permission; even though readers may remember that Sirius Black is an animagus, only his closest friends were aware of this information, so it is unlikely that anyone would report a sighting after seeing a large black dog…though they may mistake that dog for The Grim.

Roleplaying focus areas in this era include… United Kingdom

Reformation Era • Rebuilding Trust

The United Kingdom’s Second Wizarding War is long since over and it’s now the year 2001. While the British Isles continue to piece themselves together, mainland Europe is becoming a popular destination for those affected by the war looking to flee their pasts — whether they be victims or perpetrators. Countries such as Germany and France are becoming new homes to displaced magical Brits, but many European countries are dealing with their own difficulties as trade enforcement officials prepare for the fall sessions that will make or break many local magical economies with their proposals to change which goods are allowed to be imported and exported, especially with regard to magical creatures such as dragons and their biproducts. Italy and Romania in particular seem to be unable to agree on which items should and should not be restricted. Discussions also abound in the Middle East as interest in the Carpet Racing League picks up in spite of many countries holding a ban on such methods of transportation.

Across the Atlantic, students at the Chicago Academy of Wizardry are preparing for another school year after being rocked with disaster the year before: several students were kidnapped during a school outing to New Orleans and just when it seemed they might recover from the trauma an anonymous prankster made sure that all of the images and audio evidence from the kidnapping were on full display at the year-end Prom, which was cut shot after the fiasco. Students will likely be facing a very different school experience as rumors suggest that the principal will be enacting much stricter rules for the coming school year.

You might want to remember… it has been several years since the Battle of Hogwarts, so most people are moving on with their lives, though it is not uncommon for trials and convictions against criminals to take several years to unfold; the early 2000s were a peak time for pop music, so many young witches and wizards (especially those in the United States) may be increasingly interested in non-magical pop culture and concerts; there has been a large upswing in items being bought and sold illegally while many trade agreements are being discussed, even for common items, but not everyone selling “black market” herbs and potions is a trustworthy salesman, so buyer beware.

Roleplaying focus areas in this era include… United Kingdom, United States, Middle East, Germany, France, Italy, Romania

Legacy Era • The Next Generation

Things are becoming a little more strange in the magical world in the year 2021. In non-magical terms, the United Kingdom left the EU in 2018 in what has historically become known as “Brexit,” leaving a very much confused system between magical governments as they try to adjust to these terms. With the governmental disorder, though, strange things have begun to occur seemingly at the result of many officiating bodies not paying attention. Though the Scandinavian Wizardthing certainly took note of the troll attack in Oslo last year by closing off their borders to non-residents, others have begun to notice that many werewolves seem to be unreachable and those who work among the giants have reported that some tribes have begun migrating as well. All in all it is a time of chaos as the wizarding community fights to keep the Statute of Secrecy in tact when so many people and creatures seem eager to break it.

You might want to remember… thanks to the “Brexit,” many students who may have been born in the United Kingdom to non-British parents have now been asked to attend school elsewhere rather than being included on Hogwarts birth record system; the closed borders to Scandinavia mean that no international students are able to attend Durmstrang unless they are considered a resident of one of Norway, Finland, Sweden, or another Scandinavian country.

Roleplaying focus areas in this era include… United Kingdom, Scandinavia