Player & Community Self Help Resources

Here at Vault 713, we understand that many roleplayers turn to our game and others as a way of coping with real life, as a distraction from difficult circumstances, or as a means of managing depression and anxiety. We are happy to be welcoming to all members and all of our staff members and Community Ambassadors are always here to lend a hand if you should ever be in need, but it is important to know that the Vault 713 community is not a suitable replacement for professional help. In that frame of mind, we wanted to provide a list of helpful resources for those of our members who might need a little more than just to talk with a friend.

If you are ever experiencing a crisis, please contact someone who can help. We at the Vault want to be here for you as much as we possibly can, but we also want to know that you are safe and receiving the treatment and assistance that you need.

Need to talk to someone?

Need advice on a difficult issue you are facing?

Need a distraction or something to help you relax?