News, Letters, & Rumors

Need to enhance your plot? Why not submit a news article, send a letter, or spread a rumor that may or may not be true? Each era has it’s own unique News, Letters, & Rumors forum for just this. You can use the Submission Form at any time to contribute any of your own submissions, or view an outline of the options below.

News Publications

If you’re looking to share something that’s been going on with your character or kick off a plot idea that you’ve had, a great way to do this is by submitting articles to the Daily Prophet, Witch Weekly, or another publication. You can read the full rules for submitting News Publications by scrolling to the second section below this one.

Letters & Owls

Need to communicate with another character in game? Want to send a letter to the Ministry to protest something they’ve done? Are you a muggle who has access to a computer with e-mail? Send a letter to be posted up for everyone to see!

Wizarding Letter Options: Parchment, Howler, Postcard, Ministry Letterhead, Quidditch Letterhead, Typewriter

Muggle & Squib Letter Options: Postcard, Typewriter/Telegram, Email (Reformation/Legacy Only)


If something is going on with your character (or another character!) that you think people need to be aware of but wouldn’t necessarily make the news—such as gossip regarding a non-celebrity couple or character—you can submit it as a rumor. Rumors will be shared where everyone can see or hear them, so be careful what you wish for…and remember that rumors aren’t always going to be true!

Plotting With the News Stand

If you have a plot idea that you would like to introduce to the entire Vault, the News Stand provides a great opportunity to give other players an idea of how their characters can be involved. You can consider any of the following ways of including your plots through the News Stand:

  • Writing an article or interview outlining something that happened in a thread and link to the thread
  • Write up a “call for help” article that suggests more people are needed for an activity
  • Reply to existing articles with your character’s reactions to the things that are going on
  • Write a series of articles that hints at different things happening in different locations that may or may not tie together to a larger story

Remember that news articles come in all sorts of styles, including editorials and exposés, gossip columns, advice columns, classifieds, and more. Use the variety to your advantage!

We also encourage all players to use the Member Classifieds to advertise plots that they need assistance with.

Publication Schedule

News, Owls, and Rumors are posted daily on a first come, first served basis. Two publications with up to five submissions each will be posted each weekday.

Click here to view the upcoming schedule.

Issue Submission Guidelines

  • Only the publications listed below will be currently accepting submissions for articles.
  • Any member with an active character may submit to any publication, regardless of their era.
  • Submissions must fit into one of the article types listed for that publication.
  • Submissions may be credited or anonymous, and can be written by a player or “by a character.”
  • The Vault Staff reserves the right to ask for submission alterations or deny submissions that are inappropriate.

Click here to view the submission form.

Available Publications

All of the following publications are available for Marauder, Expedition, Golden, Reformation, Legacy eras.
Founders Era bulletins can be for any of the regions currently available for play.

The Daily Prophet – United Kingdom news, some worldwide news
Magical Hobbyist Magazine – a publication focusing on magical hobbies
The Niffler – International Student news
Quidditch Star Monthly – a magazine focusing on the magical sport
Teen Witch – a fashion, advice, and pop culture magazine for teenagers
Witch Weekly – a gossip, housekeeping, and fashion magazine
Wizarding Wireless Network – a magical radio broadcast covering a wide range of topics
Wizarding World Today – United States news, some worldwide news