Welcome to Vault 713!


Hey, it’s great to meet you! If you’re finding this page and have no idea what the Vault even is, we are a forum based, play-by-post roleplaying game set in the world of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Each player can create a character and write forum posts to describe what their character is doing in that scene and how they react to other characters, creating an original, collaborative story that everyone has a chance to participate in.

If you think you’re ready to join or create your first character, this is the guide for you! Peruse the links below, explore what we have to offer, and get ready to start your adventure in the wizarding world!

Getting Started

First, take a look at our Site Rules & Guidelines so you can know what is allowed, what isn’t allowed, and whether or not our expectations from our players fit with your play style. Then, be sure to check out our Current Plot Information to get a feel for our timeline and explore your options in the Wizarding World!

Creating Accounts

Here at the Vault each player has two kinds of accounts: every player has just one OOC Account and one or more Character Accounts based on how many characters they have.

While you can start by creating your first Character Account or your OOC Account, which is your out-of-character account to represent you as a player, we suggest starting with an OOC Account. This way you can introduce yourself and join in the conversation in our discussion forums while you wait for your character to be sorted!

Your OOC Account should be representative of you as a player and should not be your character name. This can be a name or nickname you go by (such as “Jenn” or “SnoopD”) or can just be a reflection of your interests, such as SnapeFan or Butterbeer5. Please know that OOC Accounts that do not create characters after 30 days or more will be locked down until you create your character, since our discussion forums are intended for members only.

Your Character Account will end up being your character’s name, but if you don’t have a character name in mind right away we can always change it for you. Likewise, you are welcome to create your first character without registering this account and we will set one up for you during the character creation process. You can read all about setting up your character by clicking the links below.

After you register your account…
• Visit the Meet & Greet forum to introduce yourself on your OOC Account
• Begin working on your first character by visiting Create a Canon Character or Create an Original Character

Getting Involved


Once you’ve created both your OOC Account and your Character Account, it’s time to explore all of what Vault 713 has to offer! We’ve outlined some of the best places to begin your adventure in the community and roleplaying below.

• Visit the Story Hub to browse plot ideas posted by other players, network with other characters, and more
• Begin telling your character’s story in the Roleplaying Forums, either by joining a thread or exploring their memories
• Interact with other players and take a break from roleplaying in the Community Square

Don’t forget to…
• Set up a Player Profile to tell everyone more about yourself and your roleplaying preferences
• Set up character profiles and other important backstory information in the Roleplaying Resources forum
Join the Vault 713 Discord server!
Please note our chat is text-based only.