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[Legacy Era] Wizarding World Today #L1 ★ 2 January 2020

January 2nd, 2016, 6:16 pm


Issue #L1 ★ 2 January 2020

New Year, New Restrictions?
Now that the holiday festivities are over, the international magical powers-that-be are planning a summit to be held within the next few weeks to discuss the troll incident back in November. Norway's travel ban is still in effect, leaving many stranded foreigners to owl their respective Ministries to appeal on their behalf. "We just want to go home," said Kathleen Moynahan of New Brunswick, New Jersey. "The food here is awful."

But while there are many that was to leave the Scandinavian country, there are a few who want to get in. Norwegian news outlets are reporting on tresspassers — abandoned campsites, mysterious footprints in the snow, and the occasional frozen body or two. The Norwegian Ministry has kept quiet on whether or not these reports are true.

In the meantime, the integrity of Europe's magical community is at stake, stemming all from the International Statute of Secrecy signed in 1689 and officially went into effect in 1692. The original 12 colonies were under the Statute until the Revolutionary War when the United States' own burgeoning magical government renounced all of magical England's laws.

The international magical world will be watching the summit very closely.

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